Wasteless Pantry Greenwood Newsletter: 7th Feb 2019

Hello and welcome to the second newsletter for Wasteless Pantry Greenwood!

Happy New Year!

I know it is a bit late but Happy New Year – I can’t believe February is already here! How are you going with any New Year resolutions you made in January? I have found that setting resolutions about end results (e.g. “reduce the rubbish I generate”) has been less effective that resolving to establish new habits. When I focus on changing one habit at a time I get much better results which are then embedded and last for a lifetime.

See this post for some examples of habits we have changed in our household.

You asked for it …!

  • When we opened I thought we had a pretty good range of products but you have been sooo great at suggesting more amazing products to make Wasteless shopping even better. So, while we haven’t got everything on the wishlist (which is very long!) come in to try these great new additions:
    Washing soda and Borax
    Snacks: Peanut brittle (omg, yum!) and Apricot Delight
    Herbs: Marjoram leaves & Celery seeds
    Wire pegs – they don’t rust, break or fall apart as they are made from a single piece of wire and come in a hemp drawstring bag.
    Organic cotton dish cloths to complete your kitchen cleaning needs
    Clove bud oil – great for mould
    Rose water, Apricot kernel oil, Bentonite clay
    Reuseable coffee pods for Dolce Gusto machines
    The Family Hub have outdone themselves by supplying us with locally made, palm oil free facial cleansing bars, pet shampoo, stain remover bars, shaving bars, scoopable bicarb free deodorant, scoopable lip balm, and package free bamboo straws (and cleaners)!!
    Envirocare Body Wash (citrus scented)
    Enviroclean Disinfectant concentrate
    Silicon icy pole makers (perfect to cool down after school on a hot day!)
    And … coming soon! We found a local WA company who make the nicest palm oil free shampoo and conditioner bars! You know we’ve been looking for a while now and we are really happy with the quality of this product thus far. These little wonders replace litres of shampoo and conditioner if you make sure to dry them out properly between uses.

Recipe of the month

The feedback on our GF Muffin mix has been amazing so here is the recipe:

500g gluten free muffin mix
150ml water
150ml vegetable oil
4 large eggs

Add Gluten Free Muffin Mix to liquid ingredients in a bowl.
Mix for 1 minute on low speed using a beater. Scrape bowl down.
Mix a further 4 minutes on medium speed.
Add fruit, nuts, choc chips etc if desired.
In your muffin tin bake at 200C until fully baked (approx. 25-30 mins)

Suggestions for different flavor combinations:
Black Forrest – cocoa/cacao powder & glace cherries
Diced Apricot & White Choc Chip
Choc Chip

And thanks to a very happy customer, more suggestions here:
“Chocolate chip, Raspberry and white chocolate, any fresh or frozen berries, grated apple, vanilla, leftover fruit puree or apple sauce (add these before water to check consistency and reduce water if necessary), chopped dried fruit or swirl with strawberry ice cream topping. It’s even nice to just have them plain with just a light sprinkle of dark sugar on top. Most of our guests haven’t even realised they are gluten free.”

[This muffin mix is $10.99 per kg. We also have a choc muffin mix at sets of 12 silicone muffin cases for $9.95]


Thank you SO much to Faerie Cara from Eco Faeries for coming in-store last week to deliver her “Nude Your Food” workshop. Cara shared some awesome tips for packing waste-free lunchboxes just in time for the new school year and I will share her recipes for some of her lunchbox snacks soon!

Specialist recycling

Our battery recycling is still getting a great response with our big yellow bin almost full again along with another few boxes of Oral Care and Beauty Products for Terracycle. Please note that products should be as empty as possible and no razors pretty please.

New additions to our recycling station include:
Mobile phones – this includes:
all makes and models of mobile phones
mobile phone batteries (keep the battery within the mobile phone handset. If you are recycling any loose mobile phone batteries without a handset, wrap the battery in bubble wrap or similar)
mobile chargers and accessories,
mobile wireless internet devices, and/or
smart watches
Plastic bottle tops (milk bottles, juice bottles etc) along with their rings and plastic long life milk bottle tops, spouts and ring pulls.

Back to school time

With the new school year starting, it is a good time to start good habits with waste free lunches.

We have a great range of stainless steel water bottles, beeswax wraps, ONYA lunch wraps, stainless steel lunch boxes in many different configurations, stainless steel straws along with healthy ingredients and snacks.

(Thanks to Shellena for the great photo)

Waste free Valentine’s Day

We are so pleased to have some delicious palm-oil free milk chocolate hearts in store right now so you can show love for the planet as well as your Valentine.

We also have sweets for your sweet and honey for your honey…

Until next month …

We are all geared up for more customers now and hear members of our community say “I wish I’d known about this place sooner!” Your support means the world to us so if you are happy to bring a friend or share what you like about our store, that would be amazing! Our mission is to enable as many people as possible to move toward a low waste lifestyle and with the world catching on that waste concerns all of us, now is a perfect time to make a change.

The team and I love to help out as much as we can with sustainability advice and to help you find enough of just what you need (without the plastic waste).

Warmest wishes,
Amelia and the team

Valentine’s Day Cinnamon Hearts

Want a little hand made love with limited skills? How about cinnamon hearts?

200g pizza bread mix

1 tsp yeast

125ml water

cinnamon powder & castor sugar to taste

Mix together to form a dough, roll out thin and then sprinkle over LOTS of cinnamon sugar (i.e. cinnamon and sugar to your taste) then roll the two long sides to meet in the centre. Slice 2cm pieces and pinch below the gathered rolls. Bake for 20 mins at 180C or until cooked through and slightly golden. Consume whilst warm for best results but still tasty when it cools ❤️

New Year resolutions – goals or habits?

With every New Year comes the temptation to set some resolutions and, for many years, I diligently made a list of outcomes I was striving to achieve over the next 12 months.  However, I would usually find myself at the beginning of the next year dusting off the previous list before writing a new version (can you relate?) with variable degrees of success.

In the past few years, I noticed that I achieved my goals when I managed to establish new habits.  When I focus on changing one habit at at time I make changes which in turn deliver the end goal and become embedded in my daily life and therefore last a lifetime. This has been true in terms of health, money, career and relationships!

In respect of waste reduction, it has been tempting to set goals like “I will generate less than 1kg of landfill each month” but this does not always translate to specific actions or help with decision making in the heat of the moment. I have found that habits that make everyday decisions easier to reduce waste have more impact.

What has worked for our family is to change habits which, in turn, have a positive  impact the outcome.  For example, we have been working on:

Habit Achievement
Always keeping a set of resusable containers and bags in each car 99%
Keeping a small foldable bag in our handbag (me), workbag (hubby) or backpacks (kids) 95%
Menu planning every week 85%
Using leftovers for lunches and/or having a leftover night 90%
Taking our reusable water bottle (everywhere!) 100%
Composting any food scraps that our dog can’t/won’t eat 95%
Not buying a coffee if we can’t use a ceramic cup or keep cup 100%
Using our sodastream and only buying soft drinks in aluminium cans 95%
Giving experiences as gifts rather than ‘stuff’ or wrapping ‘stuff’ in fabric squares, tea towels or reuseable gift bag 85%
Taking resusable drink cup to the cinema for frozen soft drink (really proud of my kids for this one!) 100%
Buy secondhand items wherever possible 80%
Taking home-made, unpackaged food for school lunches. 75%


The habit we are working on at the moment is to limit our food purchases to products that can be bought:

  • in our own reusable containers at the bulk store, greengrocer, butcher, bakery and deli counter
  • in cans or in glass
  • in paper or cardboard

It IS sometimes cheaper or more convenient to buy something close to hand, wrapped in plastic but that is where changing your habits makes the difference.  Instead of calling into the supermarket on the way home from work at the last minute, we now do a menu plan for the week ahead and schedule in time for shopping trips to buy low-waste alternatives. Once we had done this a few times and got into a rhythm with the new habit, the prepackaged items were no longer a temptation!  We still struggle to find alternatives to a few everyday items such as milk and yoghurt as well as some treats such as chips/cheezles (I know, right!) but, overall, I am pleased with our progress.

By changing our habits rather than focussing on the outcomes, our family has seen dramatic reductions in what goes into both our landfill and recycling bins and, once a habit becomes ‘normal’, we can avoid slipping back to the old behaviours that used to created waste.

Can you relate? What habits have worked for your household?

Amelia (Wasteless Pantry Greenwood)