Bee Pollen
Beetroot Powder Organic
Bicarb Soda
Bread Crumbs
Brewers Yeast
Cacao Butter Organic
Cacao Nibs Raw Organic
Cacao Powder Organic
Cake Doughnut Mix
Choc Dark Bits
Choc Dark Buttons
Choc Milk Bits
Choc Milk Buttons
Choc White Bits
Choc White Buttons
Chocolate Brownie Mudcake Mix
Citric Acid
Cocoa Powder
Coconut Milk Powder Dairy Free
Cream of Tartar
Custard Powder
Epsom Salts
Falafel Mix GF
Gelatine Powder
GF Baking Powder Organic
GF Banana Bread Mix
GF Muffin Mix
Hundreds and Thousands
Maca Powder Organic Raw
Mesquite Powder Organic
Milk Powder FC
Protein Powder Pea 80%
Savoury Nutritional Yeast Flakes
Slippery Elm Bark
TVP Mince
Whey Protein Powder
Xanthan Gum
Xylitol GF

Alfalfa Seed
Beans Adzuki
Beans Black Turtle
Beans Borlotti
Beans Cannellini
Beans Haricot Navy
Beans Lima
Beans Mung
Beans Red Kidney
Beans Soya
Blue Boiling Peas
Chia Seed Sprayfree Black
Chia Seed Sprayfree White
Dahl Chana
Dahl Moong
French Soup Mix
Hemp Seeds Hulled Organic
Lentils Green/Brown
Lentils Puy
Lentils Red
Linseed Flaxseed
Peas Chick
Peas Split Green
Peas Split Yellow
Pepitas Pumpkin Seed Organic
Popping Corn Organic (Aus)
Poppy Seeds
Sesame Seeds
Sunflower Kernels (Aus) Sprayfree

Coffee Bolt Blue
Coffee Bolt Crack
Coffee Bolt Organic
Coffee Bolt Three Amigos
Coffee Decaf
Coffee Skybury Australian Medium
Coffee Skybury Australian House
Coffee Skybury Australian Dark
Drinking Chocolate
Lemon Grass Organic*
Tea Black Australian Nerada
Tea Black Ceylon
Tea Black Ceylon Decaf
Tea Black Earl Grey
Tea Black English Breakfast
Tea Chai Masala
Tea Chamomile Organic
Tea Fruit Berries of the Forest
Tea Green Australian Sencha
Tea Green Jasmine
Tea Green Matcha Powder Organic
Tea Hibiscus Flowers Organic*
Tea Licorice Root Organic
Tea Peppermint Leaves Organic
Tea Rooibos Lady In Red
Tea Rooibos Orange Chocolate
Tea Rooibos Organic
Tea Rosehip*
Turmeric Latte WP

Bread Mix Crusty White
Bread Mix Dark Rye
Bread Mix Mixed Grain
Bread Mix Pizza
Bread Mix Soy & Linseed
GF Bread Mix Crusty White
Yeast Dried Loose

Barley Pearl
Bran Flakes
Buckwheat Grain
Cous Cous
Cous Cous Israeli
Granola Apple,Cranberry and Coconut Premium Sprayfree
Granola Paleo Sprayfree GF
Lupin Flakes*
Millet Hulled
Muesli Fruity Natural
Muesli Organic
Muesli Toasted
Muesli Tropical
Oat Bran
Oats Quick
Oats Rolled
Oats Rolled Organic
Oats Steel Cut
Psyllium Husks
Quinoa Flakes
Quinoa Tri-colour Organic
Quinoa White Australian
Quinoa White Organic
Rice Bran and Apple Flakes
Rice Bran and Prune Sticks GF
Rice Bubbles
Rice Puffed
Rice Rolled Flakes GF
Wheat Flakes
Wheat Whole Wheat Grain
Wheatgerm Unstabilised

Bamboo Peg 20 Pack
Castile Soap Organic Original
Dish Wash Brush
Dish Wash Brush Replacement Head
Dishwasher Powder Super Conc
Dishwashing Liquid
Fabric Softener
Flash! Solid Laundry Bar & Stain Remover
Laundry Liquid Delicates & Wool Wash
Laundry Liquid Front Loader
Laundry Liquid Top Loader
Laundry Powder and PreSoaker
Rinse Aid
Scourer Twin Pack
Scrub Pad Small
Scrub Pad Large
Soap Nut Wash Bag
Soap Nuts
Vigor All Purpose Conc
Wooden Scrubber

Carob Coated Cherry Slice GF
Carob Coated Ginger NAS GF
Choc Dark Coffee Beans
Choc Dark Inca Berries GF
Choc Malt Balls
Choc Milk Licorice Bullets
Choc Milk Macadamia
Chocolate Honeycomb
Chocolate Jewel Freckles
Chocolate M&Ms
Coconut Rough Swirl
Marshmallows White
Raspberry Lollies
Spearmint Leaves
Turkish Delight Rose Almond
Yoghurt Sultanas GF

Apple Rings
Apricots (Aus) Fancy Lge
Apricots Turkish
Banana Chips
Cherries Red Glace
Coconut Chips
Coconut Desiccated
Coconut Shredded
Craisins Cranberries
Dates Medjool
Dates Whole Pitted
Figs Dried Organic Size 4
Fruit Mixed
Ginger Naked Buderim (Aust)
Goji Berries Organic
Mango Spears
Paw Paw Diced
Pears Australian
Pineapple Diced
Raisins Australian
Sultanas (Aus) Organic

Durum Semolina
Flour Atta
Flour Bakers Supreme
Flour Buckwheat GF
Flour Chick Pea Besan Gram Dahl GF
Flour Coconut Organic GF
Flour Corn Maize GF
Flour Masa Cornflour
Flour Plain
Flour Plain Organic
Flour Quinoa
Flour Rice White Fine GF
Flour Rye
Flour Self Raising
Flour Special White 00
Flour Spelt White Unbleached
Flour Spelt Wholemeal
Flour Tapioca GF
Flour Wholemeal Organic
Flour Wholemeal Plain
GF Plain Flour
GF Self Raising Flour
Polenta Coarse

Buckwheat Cookies Jar
Choc Chip Oatmeal Cookies Jar
Chocolate Brownie Jar
Cinnamon Nut Bar Jar
Cinnamon Sugar Scrub Jar
Cranberry Cookies Jar
Healthy Seed Crackers Jar
Moisturiser Jar
Relaxing Bath Salts Jar
Santa Cookies Jar
Hampers (made to order)

Honey Jarrah Mix Sprayfree
Honey Red Gum & Eucalyptus Mix Sprayfree
Honey Wildflower Sprayfree
Maple Syrup Organic
Nut Butter Almond (even months)
Nut Butter Cashew Organic (odd months)
Nut Butter Peanuts
Oil Coconut Extra Virgin Organic
Oil Coconut Fractionated
Oil Olive EV Carnaby Grange
Oil Peanut
Oil Rice Bran
Oil Sesame
Oil Sunflower
Oil Sweet Almond
Olive Oil Penney Whistle Farm
Rice Syrup Organic
Syrup Lime
Syrup Blackcurrant
Tahini Australian
Tamari Organic (Soy Sauce)
Vanilla Extract
Vinegar Apple Cider Organic
Vinegar Balsamic 4YO
Vinegar Brown
Vinegar Red Wine
Vinegar White

Almond Hot & Spicy
Almond Meal GF Insecticide Free
Almonds Blanched
Almonds Dry Roasted Unsalted
Almonds Flaked
Almonds Kernels Raw Insecticide Free
Almonds Slivered
Almonds Smoked
Brazil Nuts Organic
Cashew Honey
Cashews Dry Roasted
Cashews Raw Organic
Cashews Roasted Salted
Hazelnut Organic
Macadamia Pieces
Mixed Nuts Deluxe Raw
Peanuts Raw Australian
Peanuts Roasted Salted
Peanuts Roasted Unsalted
Pecan Kernels Organic
Pine Nuts Organic
Pistachio Kernels
Pistachio Salted in Shell
Walnuts Insecticide Free

GF Fusilli Quinoa & Rice Organic GF Penne Quinoa & Rice Organic GF Spaghetti Quinoa & Rice Organic Pasta Elbow Pasta Large Shells Pasta Penne Pasta Spaghetti Pasta Spirals

Bamboo Comb Wide & Fine Tooth
Bamboo Hairbrush
Bamboo Toothbrush
Beeswax Sprayfree
Body and Hair Cleanser Sensitive
Bubble Bath
Butter Block Jasmine
Cinnamon Scrub
Clay White Kaolin
Cotton Buds 200 Plastic Free
Deluxe Face Wipes
Essential Oil Eucalyptus
Essential Oil Lavender Mt Blanc
Essential Oil Peppermint
Essential Oil Teatree
Glow Solid Deodorant
Hair Conditioner Silicone Free
Menstrual Cup JuJu
Menstrual Pad Curvy Mini Pad
Menstrual Pad Reusable Curvy
Menstrual Pad Reusable Curvy Tall
Menstrual Pad Reusable Regular
Moisturiser Organic
Oil Argan Virgin
Oil Jojoba
Refillable Dental Floss
Reusable Breast Pad
Rose Petals
Shampoo Bar
Shampoo Silicone Free
Shea Butter
Sisal Exfoliating Glove Knitted Style
Soap Palm Oil Free
Suave Shampoo & Shaving Bar
Timber Soap Rack
Toilet Paper Who Gives a Crap
Wet Bag
Witch Hazel Extract
Wonderbar Conditioner Bar
Zinc Oxide Powder

Black Hawk Puppy Chicken & Rice Holistic Adult
Black Hawk Dog Chicken & Rice Holistic Adult
Black Hawk Holistic Feline (Cat) Chicken

Rice Arborio
Rice Basmati
Rice Basmati White Organic
Rice Black Glutinous
Rice Brown Medium Grain
Rice Jasmine
Rice White Long Grain
Rice White Short Grain
Rice Wild

Bhuja Mix
Chilli Noodles
Corn Chips GF
Rice Cracker Salad
Sesame Slice
Soya Crisps Original
Trail Mix Healthy
Trail Mix Lizzys
Yoshiki Mix

Allspice ground
Basil Leaves
Bay Leaves
Cajun Spice
Caraway Seed
Cardamon Ground
Cardamon Pods
Cayenne Pepper
Celery Salt
Chilli Crushed Flakes
Chilli Powder
Chilli Whole*
Chinese Five Spice
Chipotle Powder
Chives Flake
Cinnamon Ground
Cinnamon Quills Organic
Cloves Whole
Coriander Ground
Coriander Seed
Cumin Ground
Cumin Seed
Cumin Seed Black (Nigella)
Curry Indian Hot
Curry Indian Mild
Curry Leaves*
Fennel Seed
Fenugreek Whole
Galangal Powder*
Garam Masala
Garlic Flakes
Garlic Granules
Garlic Powder
Garlic Salt
Ginger Ground
Italian Herbs
Juniper Berries*
Kaffir Lime Leaves (1mm cut)
Lemon Myrtle Curry
Lemon Pepper
Mace Blade*
Mexican Chilli Seasoning
Mixed Herbs
Mixed Spice
Moroccan Spice
Mustard Powder
Mustard Seed Black
Mustard Seed Yellow
Nutmeg Ground
Nutmeg Whole
Onion Flakes
Onion Powder
Oregano Leaves
Paprika Smokey
Paprika Sweet
Parsley Flakes
Pepper White
Peppercorn Black
Peppercorn Blend
Peppercorn Szechuan
Peppercorns Cracked
Pickling Spice
Pizza Seasoning
Ras el Hanout
Rosemary Leaves
Salt Chicken
Salt Fine
Salt Pink Lake
Salt Pink Lake
Salt Rock Sea
Salt Vegetable
Season All*
Star Anise
Steak Spice*
Stock Chicken
Stock Vegetable
Taco Seasoning
Tandoori Chicken Spice*
Tarragon Leaves
Thyme Leaves
Truffle Salt
Turmeric 3% curcumin
Turmeric 5% Curcumin Organic
Tuscan Seasoning*
Vanilla Bean

Booster Chicken
Booster Vegetable

Sugar Brown Australian
Sugar Castor
Sugar Cinnamon
Sugar Icing Pure
Sugar Icing GF
Sugar Coconut/Palm Arenga Organic
Sugar Rapadura Organic
Sugar Raw
Sugar White
Sugar Vanilla

For up to date product lists stocked at each store please check the PDF files below.