Gluten Free Baking Gift Pack Competition

Enter the draw to win

1 of 2 cooking gift packs

when you purchase any gluten free premix

(see the green flags) during April 2016

IMG_1866 IMG_1865IMG_1864

Packs include:

1 x Quality cloth apron

1 x Ceramic mug

1 x Digital cooking timer

1 x Baking scrapper


The winning entry will be announced May 1st via our website


Pop your name and contact details in the jar to win!


And… if you would like to receive a FREE Gluten Free Baking ebook with 16 delicious cookie & cake recipes just let us know

Gluten Free Baking ebook image

2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Baking Gift Pack Competition

  1. Hi.
    We are keen to buy gluten-free products that are also organic. Are you be able to source these?
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Meg,

      I love this idea but am yet to find these items in bulk. Everything we have found so far are in little packets no greater than 500g. If you know a supplier with reasonable prices and bulk packaging then we would love to hear it!!

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