We have a wide range of quality and affordable reusable containers in stock to help you reduce waste whilst enjoying life!

Bottle 1L dark
Bottle 250mL dark
Bottle 250ml Sauce Hexagonal
Bottle Aluminium Pump
Bottle Aluminium Pump
Bottle Aluminium Pump
Bottle Glass Pump 200ml
Lid Kleen Kanteen Bamboo
Lid Kleen Kanteen Sports
Oil Mister Glass
Onya Drink Bottle
Onya Drink Bottle Jacket
Onya Drink Bottle Lanyard
Onya Lid Flip n Flow
Onya Lid Screw
Onya Lid Sports – Classic
Platinum Twin Wall Food & Beverage Flask
Pump Attachment
Stainless Steel Bottle Insulated
Stainless Steel Drinking Cups  4 Pack 4x500ml
Trigger Spray Attachment
15ml Roll On Clear Bottle with Shiny Silver Cap

Jar 125ml Spice Tall
Jar 1L Round
Jar 2L White Lid
Jar 500mL Round

Bamboo Cutlery Set  With Organic Cotton Pouch
Bamboo Straws 4
Bamboo Utensil
Lid Kleen Kanteen Bamboo

Cafe Press Glass Coffee Plunger
Cafe Press Glass Coffee Plunger Beaker Replacement
Coffee Grinder
Karma Kups Take Away Cup
Empress Tea Strainer w Drip Tray
Espresso Coffee Maker Classic Pro
Espresso Coffee Maker Stainless Steel 4 cup
Espresso Satin Platinum
Mesh Tea Ball 4.5cm S S
Onya Coffee Cup Lid
Onya BYO Coffee Cups
Reusable Coffee Pods WayCap
Crema Joe Sealpod Five Pack Bundle
Crema Joe Sealpod Starter Pack
Crema Joe Sealpod Starter Pack Loan Copy
Crema Joe Sealpod Two Pack Bundle
Sticker Lids Biodegradable
Sticker Lids Espresso
Tea Pot Camelia 750ml Pure White
Tea Pot Ceylon Glass
Tea Spoon Infuser
Tea Strainer In Cup

Agreena 3-in-1 Silicone Wraps

Beeswax Wraps
Boomerang Bag Bought to Support
Bread Bag
Bread Box Sided Loaf Pan
Cloth Produce Bags
Reusable Produce Bags Organic Cotton Muslin 4
Sak It To Me Bag
Onya Backpack
Onya Bulk Food Bags
Onya Lunch Wraps
Onya Produce Bags
Onya Shopping Bag Large
Onya Side
Tote Bag Unbleached Cotton Net
Vegan Wraps

Waste Not Book
Zero Waste Home Book

Bento Stainless Steel Lunch Box Duo
CHEEKI Lunch Box
Divided To Go
Platinum Twin Wall Food Beverage Flask
Food on the Go 1L
Gourmet 3 Compartment Bento with Utensils
Nesting Trio Containers
Mini Stainless Steel Containers – Set of 3
Stainless Steel Bento Snack Box
Stainless Steel Stackable Bento Box
Sustain a Stacker
Snack Pot
Snacks On the Go 500ml
Tiny Tin
Triple Bento Round 1500ml
Tuck-a-Stacker Trio Lunchbox
U Konserve Leak Proof Container Small
U Konserve Medium Round
U Konserve To-Go 1.4L Container

Non Stick Baking Tray Liner 2 Piece Set – Coffee Colour
Ice Block Maker
Hemp Nut Milk Bag
Honey Pot and Drizzler Spoon
Fermentation Set 3L
Spiraliser Set 1L
Silicone Muffin Cups 12 Piece Set
Straw Reusable Bag
Straw Reusable Stainless Steel
Straws Stainless Steel Thin Cleaning Brush