9 Ways to Shop at Bulk Food Stores

Shopping Options at Wasteless Pantry

So apparently there are at least 9 options for shopping at Wasteless Pantry – check out our latest how-to video on Youtube…

  1. Use paper bags
  2. Use a produce bag
  3. Fill reused containers – bring your own or grab donated ones
  4. Fill a new reusable container
  5. Pick up pre-bagged mixes
  6. Drop off your containers for filling
  7. Drop off a shopping list
  8. & 9.  Call or email your shopping list to be filled & picked up at your convenience

4 thoughts on “9 Ways to Shop at Bulk Food Stores

    • Hi Emily, since prices change regularly it is best to call the store on 9295 6440 to find out the current prices.

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