Meet with like minded people at local sustainable community events where you can learn a new environmental skill or share your zero waste ideas and recycling knowledge with others!

environmental sustainability events zero waste ideas recycling knowledge

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To sign up for email newsletters about future events check out these local organisations:

Mundaring in Transition

Transition Town Guildford

Food Preserving

Perth Green Events

Boomerang Bags Mundaring

Each organisation has a great driving philosophy and are very generous with sharing their knowledge and making you feel included whether you are a newbie or old hand at the topic being discussed in these sustainable community events.   There is a great variety of waste reducing ideas, zero waste skills, recycling and upcycling skill building as well as community involvement opportunities.  Food Preserving Org is run by Megan, who is a great advocate for bringing back traditional preserving and baking skills so if you are keen to make jams, chutneys, breads, cheeses, raw food, fermenting and dehydrating then this one is definitely worth getting in contact with!

Social Media Groups

You might also like to join these local groups to connected online about your waste free journey: Waste Watchers Mundaring