Wasteless Pantry Greenwood News: 1 July 2019

Hello and welcome to this month’s newsletter.  

Well the wintry days are certainly here! Brrrrr – as the days turn cooler I love using my slow cooker so I can enjoy a warm dinner with my family as soon as I get home from work.  Come in store to check out our range of beans, peas, lentils and dahl to make your winter dinners as low waste as possible, along with all the herbs and spices you need to add your favourite flavours.  No slow cooker – no problem – check out our quick Hearty Vegetable Soup recipe.

Plastic Free July!!!

For us, July is the most exciting month of the year as we support Plastic Free July!

You have already heard of this and participated in the past (go you!) or it may be new to you. Either way, I really encourage you to give it a go.

For so many people, PFJ has been the first step in their waste reduction journey, and the positive impact often lasts long after the July challenge is complete.

From humble beginnings in the suburbs of Perth, PFJ has gone worldwide and had 120 million of participants across 177 countries last year.  The newly launched PFJ website has a wealth of information and inspiration to support you whether you are joining in for the first time or are a seasoned plastic-free consumer (or somewhere in between).  

Check it out here and sign up to take the challenge – maybe you can involve some your friends and/or family members to make it a team effort…
New reusable products

To help you blitz PFJ we have added the following products to our rangefabric food covers (looks a bit like different sized shower caps),insulated tumblers with straws,insulated coffee mugs,silicone drinking straws (for those that need something a little bendy but still reusable), andsilicone food covers.We have also expanded our range of ingredients for those of you who love to make your own beauty products to include Evening Primrose oil GlycerineLavender water Grapeseed oilMagnesium saltsDead sea saltAvocado oilAloe Vera GelBergamot essential oilRose Geranium essential oilAlong with some hard cover copies of Krissy Ballinger’s gorgeous new book “Naturally Inspired“.

We are also delighted to have more products from talented team at The Family Hub including some WA grown loofah, sustainably sourced soap racks and some tinted organic vegan lip-balm.

And… drum roll please … stainless steel razors and wooden handled shaving brushes are on their way soon!


Thank you to everyone who has signed up for our next event “Creating a Wasteless Home” which has (at the time of writing) almost sold out.  See you there!
Specialist recyclingWe have received notification that, unfortunately, the Beauty Products Recycling program will be discontinued in July so we will no longer be able to accept these items beyond 14th July. Thank you for your enthusiastic support of this program until now.

The other specialist recycling programs will continue unaffected (contact lenses, toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes, household batteries, bottle tops, bread tags and mobile phones).
Until next month..

All the best for your Plastic Free July challenge and remember we are happy to help where we can.  See you in store soon!

Warm wishes,
Amelia & the team
Wasteless Pantry Greenwood