Shop for You Made Easy

We’ve been providing a free Shop for You service since we opened oh so long ago, but with recent times this has become more of a necessity than before. To help you understand what we offer and to streamline the process as much as possible we thought we should make it a nice clear process for you.
Below you will see a ’Shop for You Order Form’ which gives us all the info we need to get your goods together as quickly as possible.  Email it through and we’ll confirm we got it within 24 hours, then we aim to have your order ready within 3 days but will call you if it is ready sooner and to take payment.  That way when it gets picked up you can just grab and go rather than having to queue up waiting to pay. You don’t have to bring your own containers but if you are dropping off containers for refilling, we will have a spot in the store to drop them so you don’t have to hang around then too.

Shop for You Order Form – click on red text for PDF which can be typed on or printed

Bassendean now have delivery until May 31st – click here for the special form

Shop for You Order Form (Word Version)


So that we don’t miss your order please send it directly to the dedicated orders email address for your local store:
Since clarity is key:

Our Returns Policy is available online:

Our Product List is available online:

Our prices change frequently depending on supply conditions.

We cannot guarantee that all products will be in stock.

There are purchase limits on some products depending on demand and supply.

Please be as clear as possible – this helps staff to fulfill your order more quickly.

Some products which have multiple options (varies depending on your local store), please be clear. For example:

Chia – black or white?

Chocolate –  bits or buttons? milk white or dark (or carob)?

Coffee – Imported or Australian; single origin or blend; decaf; strong, medium or mild

Flour – plain, SR, 00, rye, wholemeal, spelt (white or wholemeal), bakers, gluten, sustainable (stoneground or normal), gluten free?

Laundry Liquid – top or front loader?

Muesli – fruity, tropical, toasted, 98% fat free, organic or sugar free?

Nuts (esp cashews, almonds and peanuts) – raw or roasted/ salted or unsalted?

Oats – organic, rolled or quick?

Paprika – sweet or smoky

Quinoa – tri colour, white or red

Pepper – peppercorns black or blended, Szechuan, white ground 

Rice – basmati, jasmine, arborio, short or long grain

Salt– Fine or Rock, Regular or Pink Lake Salt or flavoured (chicken, garlic, celery, onion, vegetable)

Spices – seeds or ground?

Tea – so many options!

Turmeric – 3% or 5%

We hope this makes it easy to understand and clear what to expect. Thanks for supporting us!

We are still open

Thanks, everyone for supporting us to serve you during the COVID-19 crisis.

Just confirming that yes, we are still open and are sticking with our usual hours at this time.

In line with government recommendations, you will see signs out the front of our stores that help you to understand how we are doing what we can to keep everyone safe.

  • It is a condition of entry that ALL customers sanitise their hands with the provided sanitiser – feel free to use throughout your time in the store as often as needed
  • Maximum numbers of customers can be in the store at one time as per the sign for each store
  • Please wait in a line outside if needed keeping a safe distance apart
  • Due to the above crowd restriction, please limit your time in the store so you get all your shopping done but aren’t browsing. If you could come with a bit of an idea of the things you need that helps!
  • Keep a safe distance from staff and other shoppers
  • Card payments only
  • Respect purchase limits

Do not enter the store if you are sick or have symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and utilise our Shop for You program to get your goods.

We will talk you through our new checkout process that minimises contact with your goods.

Throughout the day we will shut our doors for 10 minutes to sanitise surfaces and scoops so don’t go away, it’s only a moment for your safety.

In normal times we love having your kids in the store. However, we’ve had to pack up the toys so ideally leave them at home if you can.