Australia Wide Delivery

We know you’re busy and we know you want to help the environment by refusing and reducing food packaging, sourcing reusables, and preventing food waste by only buying what you need.

That’s where our Zero Waste Online Shop comes in.

  1. Order online from our store the goods you need.
  2. Your goods will be packed in paper bags, or clean jars. You can choose to be part of the jar return system where you get full credit for any of our branded jars you return in good nick, which can be used for dry or liquid goods.
  3. Once your order is received and reviewed, we will contact you to confirm pick up as soon as it is ready or to let you know that it is on its way to your home.
  4. Pop in as arranged for pick up, show your proof of id, and collect your goods.
  5. Go home feeling awesome for reducing your impact on the environment, saving time and money!

The Nitty Gritty Details on How it Works:

  • Search by product name or category to find what you are after. If the name item ends with “… ml jar” then it will be packaged in a returnable jar, otherwise, it will be provided in a paper bag.
  • Due to limitations with our software, we were only able to pick one option for the weight of goods packaged in paper bags, mostly 100g. If you pick multiples of this, it will be packed in one bag together.  For example, 3 x 100g will be one paper bag with 300g of product, and 10 x 100g will be 1kg of product in one paper bag.
  • For items in returnable jars, the information about how many grams of solid goods fits in the jar (approximately) is included in the product description for your convenience.
  • We highly recommend that you Register during your first shop so that your details are saved for next time and that you ‘add to favourites’ any items you want to quickly reorder in the future.
  • When you return the branded jars in very clean and good condition, you will be eligible for a credit for each jar of:

125ml jar = $2
500ml jar = $3
1000ml jar = $4
1kg honey jar = $5
2000ml jar = $8
15ml jar = $2.50
15ml tin = $2
30ml tin = $3

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