Have you got questions about bulk buying, wholefood shopping and going waste free? Check out our frequently asked questions below or contact us for more information.

When did you open?

We opened 1 June 2015 at Mundaring Village Shopping Centre.

Will I be able to use my own containers?

Yes, as long as they are food safe and clean.  We recommend that you choose containers with a wide mouth for ease of refilling with our wholefood and cleaners.  We have a video of how it is done so you can see just how easy it is!

Do I have to use my own containers, what if I forget to bring them?

No, there are paper bags available in store, recycled donated jars as well as a supply of jars, cloth bags and produce bags for purchase.  To see how to shop using a variety of methods, check out this informative video.

How can I be sure that the goods are fresh and clean?

We use purpose-built bulk food dispensing scoop and gravity bins which ensure consistent stock rotation.  We have a regular cleaning and hygiene maintenance plan which is undertaken daily.  The scoop bins have dedicated holders so that scoops are only used on the one product and are stored securely.  Our suppliers deliver on almost a daily basis in moderate quantities so that we have enough available for purchase but are not storing large quantities on site that might go stale.

What is your returns policy?

Consumables –

Wasteless Pantry will happily accept returns of a product that is not fit for its usual purpose or acceptable quality. If returned within 7 days of purchase, with the original receipt (digital receipts are acceptable for loyalty customers) for a full refund of the purchase price.  Wasteless Pantry is, however, unable to accept returns of products due to change of mind or mistaken purchase.

Please take care not to overfill when refilling your own containers. Products that have been dispensed into a customer’s own vessel cannot be returned to the bulk dispensers for sale for health and safety reasons.  Please take careful note of the displayed price and discuss with staff if needed as returns based on an unexpected cost will not be accepted.

Reusables –

Returned unopened, undamaged and unused merchandise will be fully refunded if returned within 30 days with original receipt

How can I protect against bug infestations at home?

As our wholefood products are sourced as locally as possible, it is as fresh as we can get!  For your own food safety, it is recommended that you test that your containers are airtight on a regular basis.  For added peace of mind, you can pop your containers of flour or pasta and the like into the freezer for a 24 to 48 hours in a moisture-proof container to make sure there is no risk of pantry moth and weevils.

How will you know how much my container weighs?

On entry to the store, we can help you to weigh your container. Write this clearly either directly on to your jar (with a permanent marker – rubs off easily with a wet cloth at home). Or you can write on an easy to remove paper label that is adhered to the container.

How can you be sure that there is no cross-contamination between goods, particularly for people with allergies?

Wasteless Pantry maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene in store.  We have endeavoured to isolate specific gluten free wholefood products from other dusty gluten containing products and clearly label nut items.  We recommend that you call the store to discuss your needs and we will accommodate this wherever possible.

Please be aware though that despite our very best efforts there is a small risk of traces of allergens of the following: peanuts, nuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, seeds, soybeans and soy products, egg, pollen and bee products, preservatives, gluten and cereals containing gluten, wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, dairy, and seafood byproducts.

What if I want to buy bulk quantities?

We will have larger quantities available of staple wholefood items such as bread mixes and flours in store, and encourage you to call the store to discuss your needs.  We offer discounts for catering supply quantities, such as for School Canteens, Cafe’s, Leisure Groups and Restaurants.

How will you keep little hands out of bins?

We have equipped the store with purpose built scoop and gravity bins.  These are either out of reach (gravity bins) or have lids that close and dedicated scoop holders attached.  We are also offering a play area to keep kids amused and away from the temptations of the lolly bins on the other side of the store.

Won’t it be too bulky and difficult to refill my containers brought from home?

You are able to leave your carry bags and containers on benches and the counter as needed, giving you a convenient base from which to take your containers for refilling without having to lug a big bag around the store.  You are also welcome to bring in shopping trolleys if this is your preference.  We are also hoping that as you are likely to be local shoppers, you may not need to stock up for 2 months at a time because we are just down the road.  You are likely to also find that you need fewer containers the more that you buy wholefood ingredients rather than prepackaged goods (except chocolate, everyone should buy chocolate!).  You are more than welcome to leave your containers for us to fill for you as well.

Why don’t you offer discounts the more you buy?

We are about Less Waste.  We don’t want to give you an incentive to buy more than you will actually use whilst it is fresh.  Having said that, we do offer discounts for catering supply quantities as we are trying to encourage less waste in organisations as well as homes.

But don’t you produce waste in transporting goods TO the store?

Transporting goods does bring its own challenges.  However, as we are sourcing goods generally in large quantities this helps to reduce packaging. There may be one large box and one bag, or a sack, or just a bag arriving for a good.  We have worked with suppliers to reduce the excess packaging that they send to us, which might mean that items are packed in reused boxes, sent ‘naked’ instead of double wrapped or our very favourite, sent in a reused container that we return to them over and over again.  This is the ideal and what we try to set up for as many of our products as possible.  By working with local producers we have more options for this kind of arrangement. 

It is all a work in progress. However, we are finding that suppliers are generally willing to work with us to reduce packaging.