Meet the Maker: Mette is Baking

💚 Introducing Mette is Baking 💚⠀

We thought you might like to get to know some of our amazing local suppliers, so we had a chat with Mette who creates our scrumptious gluten-free Nordic Crackers…⠀

I’m Danish and I have lived in 6 countries. I am an Engineer and worked in the oil and gas industry for 25 years. I’m married to David, have 2 bonus kids and 2 granddaughters. I started Mette is Baking in 2015 and we bake Australia’s best crackers in my home-based commercial bakery (also know as the cracker bakery). Mette is Baking’s business model reduces waste and we only bake to order. At the end of a baking week, we have nothing left on the shelves to be disposed of. No crackers are wasted that way.

🌱 We have solar panels to power the bakery to reduce energy consumption from fossil fuel

🌱 All the lights in the bakery are using energy-efficient LED light globes

🌱 Water heating is turned on only for the hours required and we minimize water use by filling the dishwasher and washing machine fully before use

🌱 Bulk orders of Nordic Crackers are packed in re-sealable containers and we operate a container return system. When Wasteless Pantry gets a delivery we get the empty containers back to the bakery for cleaning and to be used again for the next order we pack. Some of these containers have been in rotation for 3-4 years now

🌱 We use Driving planning software to optimizing the delivery route. By spending less time on the road we keep our drivers safer, reduce fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear, which reduces pollution and carbon emissions. Mette is Baking’s delivery vehicle is fuel-efficient and has all the latest safety technology to provide maximum protection for our delivery drivers.

I work with Wasteless Pantry because their customers requested that our Nordic Crackers be available in their store. Customer demand is a strong motivator.

One waste-free tip you have?

Separate out your waste. We separate the soft plastic and print cartridges for recycling. Bottle tops and cardboard tubes are donated for craft projects. Used hairnets are donated to the ‘Rare Fruit Club’ to protect ripening fruit from fruit flies.