Meet the Maker: Vasse Valley Hemp

💚 Introducing Vasse Valley Hemp 💚

We thought you might like to get to know some of our amazing local suppliers, so we had a chat with Bronwyn who grows our hemp seed in Margaret River…

Vasse Valley Hemp Farm is WA’s leading hemp foods business and we’ve been growing hemp since 2015. We are committed to sustainable farming and educating the community about the many benefits of hemp and the environment. We are happy to announce that the WA State Government has recently awarded us an Environmental Stewardship grant to replant sections of our farm to encourage biodiversity and capture carbon!

Some of the ways we have incorporated sustainable practices into our farming:

🌱 In 2020 we made the switch to solar energy and are proud to say we are a 100% solar run business.

🌱 The water used for on-site manufacturing is from rainwater captured by our roof and pumped using solar energy.

🌱 In 2020 we also made the bold move to a paperless invoicing and filing system and, where we do use paper, it is all 100% recycled wherever possible.

🌱 To further support the environment around the property we have planted natives and practice spray-free farming to encourage a greater diversity of wildlife.

There is even more info on our blog:

We love Wasteless Pantry’s values and commitment to reducing humanity’s environmental footprint.

One waste-free tip? We’ve replaced all liquid soaps in our house with natural, hand-made hemp soap. This has significantly reduced our plastic footprint.