Meet the Team: Belinda from Mundaring & Bassendean

Hi, I’m Belinda and I mostly work at the Mundaring store, but you’ll occasionally find me at the Bassendean store. I’ve been here a bit over 3 years now and still loving it – it’s so nice to work for a place with such a good vibe.

I love to cook, and will often take home new or interesting products in the store just to try them out and see what I think. I’m also big on cooking from scratch, stock, bread, tomato paste, I’ll give anything a shot once. I’m also a birdwatcher and come Summer you’ll find me snorkelling at any given opportunity.

I’m a fan of the detergent bar for washing dishes. It lathers so well and smells great, I reckon it does a better cleaning job than the liquid too. My favourite nibble is the apricot logs – they always seem to hit the spot.

I think the biggest key to heading towards zero waste is the mindset – just stopping and thinking where things come from and where they will go to, and knowing that any little thing you do is better than nothing.