Meet the Team: Deb at Greenwood

Hi, my name is Deb, I work at the Greenwood Pantry store and have been part of the team since we opened nearly 2 years ago.⠀

I’m a mother of two, and also have a lot of pets; current count is 10 chickens, 4 guinea pigs (plus 2 foster piggies), 2 rabbits (plus fosters), 2 cats and a dog- all rescued from shelters. In my spare time I volunteer for a rabbit and guinea pig rescue. I like to draw and paint for relaxation and also belong to a bushwalking group.⠀
My favourite product at Wasteless Pantry would have to be the detergent bar, it’s such a powerful cleaner that I clean my whole kitchen with it- even my oven. It makes your drinking glasses sparkle too.⠀

My favourite food item that we stock is TVP, it’s so nutritious and versatile, I like to add flavour with our vegan beef-style stock. TVP is perfect for everything from tacos to bolognese and is an inexpensive, cruelty-free option.⠀
Going zero-waste is challenging, but shopping with your own containers at stores like ours make it a lot easier. I find that it’s best to focus on eliminating one item at a time, or focus on one area of your home, eg. the bathroom- you could switch to shampoo bars, solid soaps, a shaving puck, reusable razors, etc. ⠀
My other suggestions are; join your local Buy Nothing group on Facebook, shop in charity shops, repair or upcycle items you already own, enrol in an Earth Carers course and share the information you learn with family and friends.