Meet the Team: Lizzy at Bassendean

My name is Lizzy, I started working at Wasteless Pantry Mundaring when it first opened in 2015 and then I decided to come down the hill and manage the Bassendean store when it opened in 2018.⠀
I’m a keen gardener and am working on making my jungle of a garden a bit more useful with lots of fruit trees and vegetables. I have an aquaponics system which provides me with trout each year, and a beehive for honey and wax. I also run the Perth Green Events website, am a keen birdwatcher and am a drummer in a blues band.⠀
My favourite WP product is the Onya mesh produce bags. My produce bags are always in my handbag and I use them every time I go to the shops. If they get dirty they just go in the wash and then straight back into my bag. I bought a pack about 6 years ago and still use them today. My favourite snack is the chocolate honeycomb.⠀
My advice for going waste free is to make the most of your freezer! Pretty much anything can go in the freezer – leftover meals for lunches later on, overripe fruit for pies or smoothies, meat drippings or gravy for when you can’t be bothered making gravy another time, excess raw chopped vegetables for soups or stews, meat bones and vegetable peelings for making stock. Even grated cheese, egg whites, fresh chillies, ginger and dough pizza bases can go straight into the freezer. Just remember to label everything clearly!