Meet the Team: Steffie from Greenwood

Ciao everyone,

I am Steffie and I have been working at the Wasteless Pantry Greenwood since the beginning of 2021.

I am very grateful for this opportunity because I can practice my sustainability values while earning a living and being inspired by the people at the shop, employees and customers alike.

My background is varied: from biology to art, from sustainability to community education; all the above have in common my willingness to make a difference, how great or small, in the environment, economy and society we all live in. I hope to be a change maker, a keen listener and learner with a big smile on my face.

One of my discoveries at the WP has been the mug tea strainer. It is very practical because it fits various mug sizes. You can serve your favourite loose leafed tea in as many cups as you need, reducing your dish washing of the tea pot (I know, the less dishes I have to wash the happier I am!!!), plus it’s handy when you are brewing your next batch of kombucha in a large pot.

My favourite food at the WP is hard to nail down, because the shop caters for all your sweet or salty cravings!! I probably cannot resist the sesame slices. They are perfect squares of tasty goodness waiting there for you to be rescued, or maybe the other way around.

My waste free mantra is “do the best you can, with what you have and where you are”. It applies to life in general as well. The choices we make have to be fine tuned to our situation and wellbeing and must be ultimately SUSTAINABLE FOR US as well, in long term.

So, please do come and say hello, next time you drop in to do your shopping.