No Waste Home Bathroom – Eco Body Care Checklist

We talk often about refusing, reducing, reusing, recycling and rotting at Wasteless Pantry.

The easiest place to start your zero waste living journey is in the bathroom!

You really don’t need all those potions and harmful microbeads, just a few simple goodies will get you through and simplify your daily routine once and for all.

Given there is so much talk about the risks of chemicals in cosmetics, eco hair products, eco skin care and environmentally friendly soap options might be just the remedy you were looking for.

So what is in a zero waste bathroom?


What about deodorant, toothpaste, moisturiser, body scrubs and the like?

Each to their own on this one.  For me I’m happy with my DIY options…

DIY Deoderant

Mix together equal quantities of bicarb and coconut oil with essential oils of your preference (mine are lavender and chamomile)

DIY Toothpaste

Bicarb on its own [but I know others who swear by bicarb, coconut oil and peppermint oil]

* There is plenty of discussion out there about the pros and cons of fluoride and I am not an expert on this one at all so please seek info about this elsewhere on the internet 🙂

DIY Moisturiser

Coconut oil on its own [simple and effective!]

DIY Cleanser

Mix together 1 part bicarb & 2 parts coconut or olive oil

Lightly scrub body or face and then wash off with water

DIY Body Scrubs

Salt, sugar, quick oats and coffee grounds make great exfoliants and can be combined with oils and/or honey to make a wide variety of body scrubs that smell delicious!  Add in flavourings of your choice like cinnamon, vanilla extract, mint leaves, citrus oils or lavender flowers and you have something good enough to become a gift too!!  Play around and find your own favourite recipes, however as a rule of thumb you will need equal quantities of liquid to your dry goods.

If you are in the neighbourhood, then pop into the store and bring along your containers for refilling!

And if you are not in the neighbourhood then make sure you leave a comment below letting us know what your bathroom must-haves are!

2 thoughts on “No Waste Home Bathroom – Eco Body Care Checklist

  1. I guess that is how a bathroom from Back to the future should’ve looked like. Everything is bio degradable and eco-friendly. In that way there will be no waste thrown as rubbish. I guess back in the 80s we didn’t think that global pollution will be such a big issue in 2016. Big ups for giving such a detailed list of DIY bathroom products. Thanks

  2. I have not used shampoo for nearly 2 years now. I wash my hair about twice a week with about a teaspoon of carb soda then rinse well. I usually rinse my hair with water only in the morning and my hair dresser asked what I was using as my hair and scalp were so nice! Looking forward to getting into your shop.

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