Our vision

We’ve been dreaming of this store for so long now and thought you might like to join us…

It starts with the clean and homely style of the signage and store layout.

As you walk through the front doors you will see smiling and enthusiastic staff ready to say hello to you by name and ask about your day. Inside the door you will put your reusable bags and jars on the bench space provided, settle children into the play area and then peruse the goods on offer. You will weigh the containers you’ve brought with you, refill your staples and ask for samples of new product lines.

At the checkout your name will be your loyalty card and you will probably talk about the lastest Facebook post or upcoming event that is of interest to you. Our staff will be clean, wearing their branded apron and always helpful. Today you ask for a gift voucher or a starter pack to give to a friend you think will love coming in too. You noticed that one of your favourite luxury lines is going to be rotated and our staff let you know that we will keep you informed of its return.

You comment that the store is always presented well, our staff are like friends and the quality and pricing of our products makes it enjoyable to shop for the sustainable goods you love having access to locally.


I wish we were open already!!


How about you?  Let us know what you think on the Facebook page or comment below.

5 thoughts on “Our vision

  1. This website is SO inspiring! I can’t wait for the store to open!!
    I’m starting my “less wastage” life today – gulp!!!
    This will be a worthwhile mission.
    Best of luck with the store ladies!!!

  2. Looking forward to meeting you and shopping in your store!
    “then PERUSE the goods on offer” 🙂

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