Package free Easter

Easter eggs package free

Well, it’s almost that time of year again… Time for Chocolate Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns, package-free of course!

Any day now we will have your favourite milk and dark (vegan friendly) chocolate Easter eggs available. Locally made, palm-oil free and absolutely delicious!!

But why bother forgoing the packaging and shopping at Wasteless Pantry? Isn’t cardboard and foil recyclable?

Whilst cardboard is recyclable (so long as you don’t rip it into little pieces), it needs to be transported far and wide to be recycled. With the cost of fuel going up, the value of this recycling may go down. As for the foil, you need to get enough together to make a fist-sized ball otherwise it may get lost in the sorting machine at the Materials Recovery Facility. Then there is the palm oil, which many cheaply made chocolates contain, that has negative impacts such as rainforest deforestation. And I think we all understand how important buying local is nowadays.

Make a better choice and grab your Easter eggs at your local Wasteless Pantry.