Peanut Butter Oatmeal Balls

Use naked food you bought from Wasteless Pantry, plastic free bulk food store online, to make these delicious peanut butter oatmeal balls. That way you forgo plastic packaging which is a great idea given that the average person in Australia throws away about 60kg of plastic each year!

It is much better to just refill your own container or become part of our container exchange program. For this reason we offer our goods online in branded glass jars which can be returned for a refund. Then we can commercially clean them and refill them over and over again.

Getting freshly made peanut butter in a returnable jar is the ultimate in waste-free deliciousness too! As well you can even opt for smooth, medium, or crunchy to suit your recipe or your preferences. In short, you’ll want to eat it all up and nothing goes to waste.

Get just what you need of these naked food ingredients at Wasteless Pantry:

– 15g protein powder of choice

– ⅓cup oats

– ¼cup crunchy peanut butter

– 2tbsp maple syrup


– 2tbsp water


1. Firstly place all ingredients in a bowl & stir until well combined. Add more water/dry ingredients as needed to form a dough consistency

2. Then taste dough (taste can vary on protein powders used) adding more maple syrup, dry ingredients, or salt if needed

3. After that roll into balls & place in the fridge. Keep in the fridge for 1 week or in the freezer for up to 3 months).

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