Secret Womens Business (aka Wasteless Panties)

Reusable Sanitary Products are Better for You, Your Wallet & the Earth

Have you heard about Juju menstrual cups and reusable menstrual “Moon Pads”?

To tell the truth when I first heard about them many years ago it wasn’t something I ever thought I would try.  But fortunately I did give it a go and now I would never go back!

The amount of waste created by this most regular and intimate of bodily functions is pretty staggering.  Plus it’s just simply gross!!

Reusable menstrual cups and reusable pads are not as messy or complicated as you are probably thinking plus:

  • Once you have made your initial purchase you will always have your supplies on hand each month – you’ll never be caught out again
  • No risk of toxic shock syndrome
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • You get to know your own cycle better which means that you can manage your own health better too
  • In summer the cloth pad will breath better, no more sweaty bits
  • You can wear either or both overnight without any leaks
  • Work just beautifully for sporty types


Pads are pretty self explanatory I believe but menstrual cups are a new concept for many so here’s a video to help explain the concept…

Tips for beginners:

  • It will take you about 2 to 3 cycles to completely get the hang of a menstrual cup – just like it took a while to get the hang of tampons so many years ago.
  • We recommend that you start with inserting and cleaning in the shower the first few times since this is where you have plenty of room to find your most comfortable position, your muscles are relaxed and you can keep everything clean.
  • A rough guide to sizing is Model 1 for under 30 years old and Model 2 for those who are over 30 years old or have given birth (caesarean included).
  • How often you need to change the menstrual cup is different for everyone.  If you have a heavy flow then day 1 and 2 might have you changing it every 3 to 6 hours but later in your cycle you might not have to change it for 12 hours or more.  You will know you need to change the cup as you will begin to feel a heaviness but you’ll pick this up pretty quickly.
  • I like to use a cup and pad for the first day or two so that if I’m away from an easily accessed toilet then I won’t have to worry about any accidents.
  • When you are away from home you can remove and empty over a toilet then simply rinse out with your handy bottle of water.  No waste to dispose, so no-one has to know what you’re up to.
  • Clean the cup at the end of your cycle with a mild soap and maybe boil in water if you want to be extra sure that it stays healthy.  As for the pads just throw them in the washing machine with all your other clothes when you have finished with it.

If you have any questions or want to check out the demonstration models then just pop into the store and have a chat with one of the girls!