The Seeds We Sow – Switch to Zero-Waste


I don’t remember my parents talking about the switch to zero-waste or issues of climate change. But I do remember planting trees with Men of the Trees. Or going camping, always taking home more rubbish than we created, and feeding the chooks our scraps.

I remember eating straight from our garden. Mum bartering lifts to school for vegetables from the Market Gardening family up the road.

I remember the teapot and its cozy at my grandmother’s house. It smelt so good and the pleasure of watching it being poured through a strainer into each cup.

I remember learning about the live chicken behind the roast. And how sultanas are dried out in the field on drying racks.

I remember learning to cook with both my parents at home at a young age and the freshness of homebaked cakes that would go stale if not finished in a couple of days.

Other things I remember…

Mum packing containers of fresh food into the esky for summer picnics and BBQs. As well as having to reuse your cup, plate, and cutlery – not a disposable in sight.

Or having to wear jumpers and extra blankets in winter and picking the sunniest days to do the washing.

I remember Mum mending and sewing and knitting and teaching me when the mood struck me to learn.

I remember helping Dad fix engines and doing odd jobs around the home. Because just throwing things away wasn’t considered the automatic first option.

This is not a nostalgic “things were better in the good old days” reflection.  Simply memories of all the little actions that were taken for granted and led me to accept the switch to Zero-Waste Lifestyle I’m aiming for now.  Without awareness of the environmental issues or doom and gloom that is often the focus, we were doing good things.  Without the sense of need as a child, I still accepted that this was what we do because it brought joy and simplicity to our lives and that was good enough a reason.

Yes, explain the reason if the question “why?” is raised but otherwise just go about your business doing good things.

You never know who will be watching, learning and believing that this is just the way things should be done.

Come into Wasteless Pantry and tell me – what do you remember or what do you want those learning from you to remember?

5 thoughts on “The Seeds We Sow – Switch to Zero-Waste

  1. I remember: My mother didn’t keep chooks but she always buried vege/fruit scraps in the garden to enrich the soil.Over the years the soil was enriched with the compost and she had a lush garden. Stale bread was put in the bottom of the wood stove to dry and turned into bread crumbs. No fast food (he couldn’t afford it) everything was made from scratch and it always smelt and tasted delicious.

  2. Hi there lovelies,

    I just saw this awesome post and thought it reminded me of a book I have been reading called “Zero Waste Home” by Bea Johnson. It is very good! It also examines all the areas in life where you can reduce the waste.

    Thank you for all you super friendly service in store and your awesome efforts in reducing the amount of plastic used. I really appreciate it.


    (ps. If you want to check out my website – you can see where I recommended you to my blog watchers last month for Sustainable September! Thanks again! xx)

    1. Hi Daena,

      Our store was inspired by Bea Johnson so I’m glad that it reminded you of the book 😛

      Had a quick read of your blog and thank you for your kind words.

      Keep spreading the word about zero waste and we will change the world together 🙂


  3. This was lovely to read, I could visualise it! It’s how I feel about most things really- I don’t want to do things a certain way to make a statement or try to change anything- I just want to do it because it brings me joy.
    This reminds me of my fav book by Rhonda Hetzel called Down to Earth. It’s about living a simple life not just to save money or have a better environmental impact but because it evokes joy, pride & peace.

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