Bulk Food Store Skills: 9 Ways to Shop at Wasteless Pantry

Shopping Options at Wasteless Pantry, more than another Bulk Food Store

We want it to be as easy and enjoyable as possible to shop at our bulk food store.  We know that it seems daunting to start on your waste less or zero waste journey! But, really, it doesn’t need to be inconvenient or difficult.  Just start with a few products and then expand from there.

Bulk food stores are there to help you reduce your food waste, by allowing you to only buy in the quantity you actually need.  This way when you get home you have just enough for the meal you are making, without the leftover prepackaged amount staring at you guiltily every time you open your pantry.  Plus, because you have only bought what you need, you know that it is as fresh and tasty as it should be.  No stale spices, no inactive yeast, and no using up last years latest super food.  Just remember to bring your shopping list so you don’t get tempted to buy all the goodies you find and be sure to bring your reusable shopping kit of reusable shopping bags, produce bags and containers if you are trying to reduce your packaging waste too!

So apparently there are at least 9 options for shopping at Wasteless Pantry – check out our latest how-to video on Youtube…

  1. Use paper bags
  2. Use a produce bag
  3. Fill reused containers – bring your own or grab donated ones
  4. Fill a new reusable container
  5. Pick up pre-bagged mixes
  6. Drop off your containers for filling
  7. Drop off a shopping list
  8. & 9.  Call or email your shopping list to be filled & picked up at your convenience

So there you have it, so many options to get you started.  Are you ready?

9 thoughts on “Bulk Food Store Skills: 9 Ways to Shop at Wasteless Pantry

    1. Hi Emily, since prices change regularly it is best to call the store on 9295 6440 to find out the current prices.

  1. I’ve never done wasteless shopping before? How many containers should I bring? Is there staff on the floor that can assist? It would be useful if there was a price list online so it is easy to budget

    1. Hi Stef,
      I know it can seem daunting at first but it really is easy to shop this way. Maybe just bring a few containers to start with or as many as you need for your staples and a couple of random extras. There are always our team to assist and they can even shop for you if you prefer. If you are concerned about pricing, feel free to give one of our stores a call to ask for prices of your favourites 🙂

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