Specialist Recycling: Household Batteries

Are you collecting your HOUSEHOLD BATTERIES for recycling via WP? 🔋

Household batteries are dry cell batteries used in many gadgets around the home, such as radios, cameras, and children’s toys. They include AA, AAA, C, D, button batteries, 9V and 6V batteries.

It is estimated that WA throws away over 18 million household batteries to landfill every year! When batteries are sent to landfill, their casings disintegrate and metals and chemicals used within the battery can leach into the surrounding environment.

Once collected what happens?

The recycling process is able to separate the steel, copper, and aluminum as well as create a mixed metal compound. Rechargeable batteries (also known as secondary batteries) can also go into the household battery recycling bins. These will be separated from the alkaline (also known as single-use) batteries and sent either to France or Singapore for recycling. Australia does not currently have a facility for recycling rechargeable batteries. The different components are then able to be reclaimed for use in new products. ♻️

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Want a better option?

Consider investing in rechargeable batteries, solar-powered and wind-up gadgets instead!