Who Do We Think We Are?

We are not a franchise (yet :P).


We are not business people using green washing to make a buck.


We are not health super foodies (although we do like healthy food).

So if not that, who are we?

Jeannie is a Mum.  She is also a Local who seems to know everyone and doesn’t go a day without having a visitor to the store wanting to chat.  She is a Paramedic by trade.  Jeannie is also a keen gardener and chook keeper.  She grew up on an orchard.  And she is a sustainably sourced palm oil enthusiast who is passionate enough about Zero Waste Living to start a store with….
Amanda, who is also a Mum.  A local too and can dehydrate, preserve, bake, grow and create more than you would expect.  A Psychologist by trade, locavore at heart and dedicated enough to the Zero Waste Living cause to convert a few ladies to Diva/Juju cups and produce bags.
Together the idea for the store was conceived, developed and nurtured into what it is, as well as what it is growing into.

Luckily we have great staff supporting us.

You would have met Lizzy who is our sustainability expert and sushi maker.  Lizzy was the one juggling produce bags on Facebook a little while back.  She has a keen interest in waste reduction and learning about all the foods we have on offer, especially the rices and spices.
Jade is our most knowledgable source of gluten free healthy food ideas.  She is studying health coaching and can talk about raw, paleo, dairy free, gluten free and many other specific diet options in practical terms (not something you come across often)!
James is a violinist who is studying Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology.  He is developing his waste reducing skills through his family’s enthusiasm for the idea.  James is super helpful and willing to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.
Emily is studying Occupational Therapy and comes from a family who values living waste free.  She is growing her knowledge of which companies are ethical and sustainable in their business practices.  Emily is highly involved in the community and keen to help anyone who is finding the change to a more sustainable lifestyle challenging.
So that’s us.

Not a fanatic, megalomaniac or carbon copy in sight.

We are still learning and trying out new things but now at 3 months in, it’s starting to feel like we will be able to do this sustainably for the foreseeable future.

Lots of people love the idea of the store and many have suggestions for what we can add or subtract to grow the idea even further.  We love the feedback, just remember it’s all a work in progress….

2 thoughts on “Who Do We Think We Are?

  1. Hi, great newsletter and what a talented bunch of people you are.
    Just one suggestion and one request please.
    Can you please change the font colour, green is hard to read particularly in poor light or sun light.
    If possible I would like some ideas on what foods you stock that we need to stay away from and what foods to eat more of to help reduce cholesterol.
    Many thanks. Graham

    1. Thanks for the feedback!
      I’ve changed much of the text in green to black on the last blog post that was linked in the newsletter – can you check if it is any easier to read for me please?
      I am happy to look into the cholesterol issue, it is something I’d be interested in learning more about too!


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