Wasteless Pantry Mundaring News: 11 August 2019

You are part of something big!

Did you know that 230 MILLION people participated in Plastic Free July this year?! Whether you made small changes or dramatic lifestyle shifts to reduce waste this month, know that everything you are doing is making a difference. The waste issues are still there, but every time you role model doing things a little bit better, you are helping to shift ‘normal’ toward better practices that help the planet and everything that is living on it. Jeannie & I now get to focus back in on the stores after being out in the community heavily spreading the waste free message, and it’s great to see old and new faces in the store. We love seeing the wide variety of containers being used over and over, especially because they are just ordinary containers. Macoona jars, jam jars, random plastic tubs, all sorts of ordinary things that everyone has available to them. Please know that you and your containers don’t need to be Instagram-able to shop with us and to make a difference. Ordinary is okay. Ordinary is great! Ordinary is what makes the world a better place. Pretty is nice, but totally unnessarily to improve things right now, today, in this moment. So bring out your ordinary and be your ordinary self. You’re in good company and we appreciate everything you are doing!

What’s been happening at the store:

* The liquid deodorant is finally in store! So if you want to go refillable on your deodorant we have scoopable paste deodorant, as well as liquid for spray or roll on application.  (We have the containers too if you need them) 

* We are gearing up for Father’s Day on Sunday 1st of September.  We have new gift vouchers available and the new shaving kits are proving very popular.  We are very excited to report that our supplier is now offering the shavers and shaving brushes without plastic in their packaging!!
* It seems that coffee is sustaining everyone on these cold days.  Just remember that we have lots of teas and drinking chocolate available too so you don’t end up with an eye twitch 

* We have recipes for dahl and soups on the wall ready for your winter cook ups.  We’re stocked up with lentils, dahl, split peas, beans, coconut milk powder, stock powders, herbs and spices for making curries, stews, roasts, dahl and soups galore.
* Thank you to everyone that has been donating clean, label free jars.  We are thrilled to see fewer jars with labels being donated as it is very time consuming for us to be removing them in store.  It takes us away from being able to keep goods as refilled as we would like and being able to spend more time making your time with us as enjoyable as possible.  So thank you!!
* You might notice that we have the Boomerang Bags box back at the front of the store.  We have plenty of fabric to keep us going for a while yet, but if you have any bags to return, please just pop them straight in the box when you are next in the area.

Waste Less, Live More

Amanda & Jeannie