Wasteless Pantry Mundaring News: 13th Aug 2018

Full steam ahead!!

We’ve been working behind the scenes getting everything ready for the new locations as well as spreading the waste reduction message via so many talks.

What’s been happening in Mundaring store?

  • We’ve had soup mix and blue boiling peas for winter but will faze these out as we get closer to summer
  • Cinnamon almonds disappeared as our supplier no longer has stocks of these, and instead, we have smoked almonds which are quite delicious!
  • We found out that Himalayan Pink Salt is not sustainable and so we started stocking Australian Pink Lake Salt which has the same nutritional profile, however, IS ethically and sustainably sourced
  • Our honey guy is out of Eucalyptus but has given us a beautiful Red Gum & Eucalyptus blend to try.  We’re just about finished up his Jarrah Honey stocks too!
  • Have you read Erin Rhodes (aka Rogue Ginger) new book “Waste Not”?  It’s a great read and we are now stocking it
  • We are discounting a few spices that haven’t been so popular and bringing in pizza seasoning, chicken salt, vegetable salt, chipotle powder, garlic granules and harissa for you to add to your dishes
  • If you are into bee pollen, we have some – locally and zero waste sourced 🙂

Coming soon:

  • We are working on getting WA grown quinoa!
  • Organic muesli has been tracked down and shall be ordered soon with any luck
  • If you aren’t a fan of coffee pods or our aluminium espresso makers, we have stainless steel espresso makers coming soon


Photo credit:

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash