Wasteless Pantry News: 5th Oct 2018

Did you hear that Wasteless Pantry opened in Bassendean on the 13th September and Greenwood is on track to open 15th October?

Both stores have the same feel as Mundaring, just with a bit more room to move and a couple extra bits to try out. If you want to keep tabs on what's happening at these stores and you're on Facebook check out: www.facebook.com/WastelessPantryBassendean/ Each store has it's own newsletter list and loyalty program so if you have loyalty points in Mundaring but are now going to be a regular at another location, you will need to pop into Mundaring to redeem those points. But there is no rush, they will be here waiting for you 🙂

What's been happening in Mundaring:

  • Jeannie had a blast talking with our local crowd hosted by Shire of Mundaring!
  • We were very fortunate to be able to attend the Waste & Recycling 2018 Conference in Perth.  It was a great chance to learn more about waste avoidance strategies, circular economy initiatives, container deposit schemes and so much more!!  Going along to these events reminds us again, just how important it is to be doing the work we do and taking the actions we can.
  • We started stocking Atta flour for making Indian bread, Chipotle Chilli Powder, Harissa, Mexican Chilli Seasoning, Chicken Salt, Vegetable Salt, Pizza Seasoning, Garlic Granules, Australian Billy Tea Leaves and Organic Lemon Myrtle Tea Leaves.
  • We finally got Ethique shampoo bars back in stock! It seems that their latest round of promotion was a little too successful 😛
  • I got to go out and chat with a new round of Earth Carer graduates which was wonderful! It is so encouraging to see so many interested in becoming more sustainable!
  • Did you know that it is Buy Nothing New month?  If you are keen to challenge yourself, check out www.buynothingnew.com.au
  • We added a bunch of long-time wish list items to our range too… Potato starch, lupin flour, honey cashews, gluten flour (not to be confused with gluten free flour!!), dried mushrooms, bran sticks, agar-agar, organic muesli and aluminium tins/canisters for your beauty refills.

What's next?

  • We are looking at stocking a new 1kg honey jar, because we just love our honey!
  • Also researching our options for spinach powder, teff flour and yoghurt apricots.
  • Given that Christmas is upon us again, we will be getting glace green cherries and glace pineapples in soon as well as keeping up supplies of mixed fruit and mixed peel for your Christmas cakes.

Changing the world one pantry at a time,

Amanda & Jeannie

Photo credit: Photo by MILKOVÍ on Unsplash