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Zero Waste Plastic Free Shopping Made Simple

Together we PREVENT waste. You prevent food waste and packaging waste every time you refill your containers with what you need at Wasteless Pantry.

Wasteless Pantry is all about helping you live a fuller yet waste free lifestyle. Whether you are refilling your pantry with nuts, spices, dried fruit, oils, vinegars or coffee beans; switching your cleaning to locally sourced and natural products; going low tox in your bathroom and beauty routines; or swapping to plastic free reusables throughout your life we have you covered! 

Our multi-award winning stores are conveniently located throughout the WA metro area and our Bassendean store offers 100% carbon neutral deliveries Australia wide.

If you have ever Googled “reducing the amount of waste I create”, “reducing my carbon footprint” or “reducing use of single-use plastic”, then we are the place for you! By becoming part of the Wasteless community and shopping at Wasteless Pantry you are supporting the circular economy and local businesses that aspire to the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit).

So whether you:

know that you are on your way to zero waste plastic free living!

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