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Wasteless Pantry Bassendean

Meet Lizzy: Our Zero-Waste Bulk Food Store Manager

We were lucky to have Lizzy work with us right from the first day we opened our first zero-waste bulk food store.

Lizzy has had a lifelong interest in the environment. She completed a PhD in Zoology and worked for BirdLife Australia. After which deciding to become more focussed on sustainable living and individual behaviour change to support that philosophy. She completed a Diploma of Sustainability. As well as completing and then facilitating Living Smart courses. The search for a more sustainable lifestyle led her to move to the hills. Which is where she could set up vegetable gardens, aquaponics systems, keep chickens and bees, and install solar panels and a greywater system. She established the Hills Food Share for members of the public to be able to meet and swap and share excess fruit and vegetables from their gardens.
Lizzy runs, a website dedicated to the free promotion of all environmental events happening in Perth. As well as this in her spare time enjoys knitting, woodworking, food preserving and bird watching. She joined the Wasteless Pantry team when the Mundaring store first opened and is excited to be expanding the business and the ideals it promotes into Bassendean!