Specialized Recycling Solutions at Wasteless Pantry – Your Eco-Friendly Choice

Discover the Difference with Wasteless Pantry’s Unique Recycling Programs 

Not all items are suitable for your regular yellow top kerbside bin recycling. At Wasteless Pantry, we bridge this gap by offering unique recycling services for those hard-to-recycle items, ensuring that they are responsibly processed and don’t end up in landfills.

Updated 20 Feb 2024

Beauty Product Packaging Recycling Initiative

Locations: Mundaring and Bassendean

We welcome a variety of beauty product containers such as tubes, tubs, bottles, lids, droppers, small jars, and non-aerosol deodorant packaging. Please ensure items are empty and free from makeup brushes, haircare products, aerosols, hazardous goods, and cardboard.

Blister Pack Recycling Service

Locations: Mundaring and Bassendean; Cash donations appreciated as it costs $192 per box to provide this service 

Safely recycle any brand of empty medicinal blister packs. Please dispose of unused medicine at your local pharmacy and recycle outer cardboard packaging through your regular bin.

Comprehensive Contact Lens Recycling

Note: The trial at Mundaring is currently paused

We collect all brands of disposable lenses and their packaging. Cardboard should be recycled through your regular bin.

Disposable Razor Recycling Program

Locations: Mundaring and Bassendean

Return all brands of disposable blades, razors, and their plastic packaging for recycling. Cardboard packaging should be recycled separately.

Hair Care and Dye Kit Recycling

Locations: Mundaring and Bassendean

Our program accepts all brands of hair coloring and hair care packaging that can’t be recycled via your kerbside bin. Please exclude cardboard packaging.

Household Battery Collection

This program is now closed – please recycle via Coles, Aldi or Woolworths collection boxes.

Ink Cartridge Recycling Effort

Locations: Mundaring and Bassendean

Recycle your brand name inkjet, toner cartridges, and other printer consumables with us. Please remove all packaging before drop-off.

Mobile Phone Recycling for a Cause

Locations: Mundaring and Bassendean

Donate all mobile phones and chargers. Devices are either reused once date has been removed or responsibly recycled through Mobile Muster.

Oral Care Recycling Program

Locations: Mundaring and Bassendean

Bring in your empty toothpaste tubes, caps, plastic packaging, toothbrushes, and floss containers. Exclude bamboo and electric toothbrushes.

Plastic Bottle Top and Rings Recycling

Note: On hold until 2024; then available at Bassendean

Collect and return small beverage plastic bottle tops and rings for recycling. Foam inserts should be removed. These can also be recycled via Containers for Change locations.

Writing Instruments Recycling Drive

Location: Mundaring

We accept any brand of pen, marker, highlighter, and more. Exclusions include glue sticks, erasers, wooden pencils and cutting objects.

Explore More Recycling Options

For additional specialist recycling opportunities in your area, visit www.recycleright.wa.gov.au.

8 thoughts on “Specialized Recycling Solutions at Wasteless Pantry – Your Eco-Friendly Choice

  1. Thank you so much for this information! I will definitely start collecting these items and bring them down with me. Thinking of making a check list, so I can make it easier to remember 😊

  2. Do cosmetic and toothpaste tubes etc need to be clean inside before leaving at the recycling point? Thank you.

    1. Hi Nicola, they need to be empty but not necessarily clean. Although unfortunately we have just been informed that this program is closing in July 2019.

  3. Do you take pill blister packs for recycling? These don’t seemed to be mentioned anywhere on the government recycling website 🙁

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