Low Waste Gifts for Dad’s

Father’s Day is nearly upon us (it’s on Sunday, 1st September 2019) and you might be thinking to yourself, “What should I get Dad this year?”

You want to get him something that is thoughtful, environmentally friendly (the search terms green gifts, eco gifts, zero waste gifts, gifts for waste-free Dad come to mind), and something that he might actually use.

We are here for you at Wasteless Pantry!

Firstly, let us remind you that Dad probably just wants to know that you love and appreciate him, which requires very little to express. Maybe you could cook him a meal, go out with him on an adventure, or just head out for a drink together? None of these things is hard to do but might mean the world to your Dad.

Secondly, if you feel weird rocking up empty-handed and you really want to give a gift, maybe consider something consumable like Dad’s favourite snacks or coffee (brought in a reusable container at Wasteless Pantry of course). Or you could find something secondhand that has sentimental value, like that book you used to read together as a kid or a beer mug from his favourite tavern when he was growing up. Or you could make something out of reused materials, like all those pallet frames and furniture that pop on Pinterest every year and show off all the carpentry skills he spent hours teaching you.

And if that’s just not going to work for you then we are happy to help you out with a few other ideas too:

  • Stainless steel lunchbox - something big and sturdy, or even stackable - that he'll think of you when he uses every day for lunch
  • Stainless steel water bottle - pick the size that works best for Dad, insulated or not, so he is always hydrated but doesn't have to buy disposable plastic ones any more
  • Food flasks - for keeping food and drinks hot or cold whilst Dad is out and about
  • Travel coffee mug - whether it's glass, flexible silicone or stainless steel we have one to suit Dad
  • Shaving kits - we have stainless steel safety razors, new blades, shave pucks (low waste shaving cream) and shaving brushes available
  • Coffee kits - think plungers, stove top espresso makers, reusable coffee pods and coffee beans with flavour descriptions like "strong great all rounder" just like Dad
  • Tea kits - we're talking teapots, tea strainers and so many loose leaf tea options (in both our tea and herbs sections)
  • Toiletries - maybe what Dad could use is a shampoo bar, dude rock (manly soap), bamboo toothbrush, plastic free floss, bamboo comb and natural deodorant (we have scoopable paste deodorant or refillable liquid deodorant in masculine scents on hand)
  • Toilet paper - if you have a Dad who spends a lot of time in the bathroom then maybe he'll appreciate the light reading that comes with each roll, particularly the red emergency roll

If it’s just too hard to pick, then don’t! We have gift vouchers too so your Dad can choose for himself (and we can email them if you prefer too).

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!

Top picture credit: Photo by Szilvia Basso on Unsplash