Coronavirus Update

These are some crazy times, aren’t they?!

We thought we should let you know that Wasteless Pantry’s three stores (Mundaring, Bassendean and Greenwood) are doing our bit to help manage the Coronavirus and its impact on our community.

You may have already noticed that we have provided hand sanitizer at the entry of our stores for your use and are encouraging those that would like to use this to do so freely throughout your time in the store. If you would prefer not to use the hand sanitizer, you are welcome to ask our team for assistance with hand washing facilities available.

We would also like to remind you about our ‘Shop for You’ service. This is a free service where you drop off your list or containers and we will refill them for you. If you are not feeling well or want to minimise your exposure to public places then this service means you can stick with your waste-free values without compromising your health.

We are lucky to have so many locally sourced goods available, which helps us to be able to maintain adequate stock levels. There will be some products that may take longer to arrive as things progress, however, we will do our best to have everything we can on hand. This has been more tricky lately with stockpiling and some limits (such as for the toilet paper currently) may need to be put in place, however, we will keep you informed.

Store cleanliness and food hygiene have always been a priority for us. We will be ramping things up by disinfecting surfaces and handles throughout the store across the day as well.

It is tricky that the symptoms of Coronavirus overlap with those of just a regular cold and flu which will be popping up more as we come into winter. Our team will be monitoring any risk that they have been infected and will get testing as well as self-isolating where needed. We have quite a bit of flexibility within the team so should be able to manage absences without it impacting on service greatly.

We hope that together we can all get through this in good health!