Meet the Maker: Onya

💚 Introducing Onya 💚⠀

We thought you might like to get to know some of our amazing local suppliers, so we had a chat with Hayley who creates some outstanding reusables that you always want to have onya…⠀

I don’t think anyone can really afford to not be interested in sustainability! It shouldn’t be something we actively have to think of, I feel it should really just be a way of life. It is about looking at all the 1 percenters and trying to choose the most ethical and sustainable option. I think my introduction to living lightly on the planet began with my parents who are amazing “makers”! Dad built most of our houses from new and salvaged items and mum made a lot of our clothes as well as baking our own bread.

Since 2004, Onya’s purpose is to help individuals reduce single-use plastic in their lives by providing them with long-lasting alternatives. Many of our products are made from waste such as rPET (recycled drink bottles) and using this material has allowed us to dramatically decrease our carbon footprint. As an example, it only takes 85 uses of our rPET shopping bags until they are carbon neutral. After that, they become carbon negative (actively reducing carbon with every use). As we make our bags to last many of our customers will use these bags for anywhere from 5-10 years or more, at which time we have a take-back program to recycle old Onya products to ensure none of our products ever need to go to landfill. In the past 5 years alone we have diverted 165 tonnes of single-use plastic drink bottles from landfill.

The WP ethos is so in line with our own at Onya! We are both actively involved in helping people reduce waste in their lives and there is a beautiful synergy in Onya providing the vessel that customers can then fill at WP 😊

One waste-free tip? Don’t be overwhelmed when trying to reduce waste. Find your biggest area of waste and figure out ways you can reduce that waste. Once you have mastered that, look at other areas you can improve one at a time. Waste reduction is not about perfection, but more about action. Before you know it, reducing waste is just a way of life!