Meet the Maker: Scarlett Eve

💚 Introducing Scarlet Eve 💚⠀

We thought you might like to get to know some of our amazing local suppliers, so we had a chat with Simone who sews the most comfortable personal hygiene reusables…

My awareness of environmental issues began in primary school. I remember the effect it had on me when I learned about the impact we were having on the planet, and how we could try to make things better. My efforts to live more sustainably became more of a focus when I was pregnant with my first child. Being part of the Modern Cloth Nappies community opened up a whole new world of ways to reduce waste day-to-day. MCNs naturally led me to Reusable Menstrual products, and I began sewing cloth pads for Scarlet Eve.

At Scarlet Eve, my purpose is to make and supply comfortable, quality products that will last with years of use. I source supplies locally to Western Australia and Australia where possible. I try to minimize packaging and aim for reusable packaging. I use as much of the fabrics as possible – offcuts from Menstrual Pads are used for other reusable items such as Face Wipes and Breast Pads.

I enjoy working with Wasteless Pantry because I feel like we share a common vision – to provide people with ways to reduce their waste and live more sustainably. It’s great for local businesses to support each other! It can be overwhelming trying to live completely waste-free.

My waste-free tip would be to do what you can when you can. Make small changes and build on them.