Waste Free Halloween

package free grocery store halloween tips
If you are getting into the Halloween spirit, there are ways to do it with less waste with tips from our package-free grocery store…

* Find or make a Halloween-themed trick-or-treat bag that can be reused every year. Try to make it hardy enough to pop into the wash at the end of the celebrations. Similarly, feel free to get creative or keep it simple depending on your skill and energy levels.
* Buy secondhand, borrow, create your own, or check out your Buy Nothing pages rather than purchasing new costumes and decorations each year. Or keep reusing the same ones and see how long you can get out of them! You could even swap with others so that everyone gets a turn at being the best wicked witch in the land.
* Then give out plastic-free unpackaged lollies that you bought from Wasteless Pantry your local package-free grocery store. You can create your own mix of favourites including horrific lolly snakes. Additionally, pop them in your favourite Halloween-themed bowl and use tongs to dispense them for hygiene.
* Make your own scary cookies instead of lollies to mix it up. Check out our recipe.

By role-modeling waste-free options you are helping your community celebrate and spreading the message that plastic-free Halloween events are possible. Imagine if you inspired someone to do it a little better next year too. As well as showing the next generation how it’s done well! Bring on the new normal of using less plastic and making the most of our resources.