The 12 Wasteless Days of Christmas

Eco Christmas – Green Christmas – Earth Friendly Celebrating – Zero Waste Gifts

Do those words strike fear?  Do they conjure ideas of deprivation and judgement?  Do they sound like an impossible ideal?

We are here to inspire you and encourage a little less waste, without compromising the joy and jubilation of the season.

We’ve already been hinting at giving less but more thoughtful gifts.  What other ideas are there?

Most of these ideas are nothing new.  It’s just about remembering how nice it used to be to enjoy quality rather than focussing on the quantity.

12 Ideas for a Zero Waste Christmas 

  1. Give up buying gift wrap – there are so many more beautiful ways to present your presents.  What about making reusable gift bags?  Not a seamstress? Then how about using a op shop pillow case with a ribbon to close.  Or look into furoshiki and simply use a square piece of beautiful scrap fabric that can be reused and repurposed endlessly.  If you have kids, then use one of their many paintings or drawings 🙂
  2. Reuse last years Christmas cards as gift tags or to craft your own new design of Christmas cards.  Instead of buying more this year, how about sending a e-card.  There are many very funny and cute ones out there that will be great to enjoy as the receiver without then having something to throw away.
  3. Consider what reusables you have available to avoid disposable items.  Such as cloth serviettes, stainless steel straws, glass bottles for water, metal cutlery and plates.  If you are worried about the clean up after then set up a washing station where everyone can take care of their own mess.  Most people would love to be involved and help out, so let them!
  4. If you are giving gifts then consider a secret santa/kris kringle.  Everyone gets a name or gender to buy for with a price range.  You only have one gift to give and you get one in return and you will be able to afford better quality gifts.  It is easy and far less stressful.
  5. Consider giving gift vouchers for your time rather than for a product or store.  Time is the most precious commodity these days.  Your friends and family will surely love to know that they will get to do something lovely with you throughout the year.
  6. Keep an eye on your portion sizes and only cater as much as a person will reasonably eat.  We all the know the parties where there was so much food that the host was still eating the same meals a week later.  To guide you, think about what a person can fit on a plate.  If you have so much of everything that there would be more plates filled than people to eat them, scale back.  Everyone will thank you as many eat out of guilt of the effort you have gone to that has been left untouched.
  7. Make something.  If you are artistic, create something.  If you are crafty, fashion something.  If you are a cook, bake something.  If you are uninspired, check out pinterest or grab a Gift Jar from us 😛
  8. Reuse last years Christmas decorations or get out into the natural world for inspiration and supplies.  There are beautiful things that can be done with nuts, vines, popcorn strings, cinnamon sticks, branches, fabric, a bit a glitter and some glue.
  9. Suggest your guests bring a resealable container and divvy out any leftovers.  This can be your gift to them and their gift to you.
  10. When sourcing produce for your deliciously planned menu, think about what is in season and locally available.  We are very lucky to have a wealth of fresh foods harvested locally – think mulberries, stone fruits, berries, cherries as well as local seafood & meats.
  11. Get to know your local wineries, breweries & distilleries for locally produced celebratory drinks!  If you ask nicely you may be able to take back your bottles after, or even fill up a reusable growler of beer to take home.
  12. How about doing your bit for local charity shops (and those less fortunate as well) by stocking them with all your goodies that go unused?  I’m sure that everyone has at least one or two items in their home that are in good quality but never see the light of day.  Op shops love your items and so will those that frequent them.  If your kids are into Santa and not yet ready to part with their toys for goodwill purposes, then tell them that Santa doesn’t bring presents if he thinks you have too much stuff.
  13. Just because we love to exceed your expectations – here is a bonus idea!  Give the gift of an experience rather than another thing that will need to be cleaned up and cared for.  Vouchers or a promise to go hot air ballooning, tickets to the local pool, the zoo, the movies or a trip to the beach are all gifts that will be appreciated for more than one day of the year!

What other ideas do you have up your sleeve?  Share them below and have a very happy festive season!!