Zero Waste Lifestyle Store: An Alternative to Recycling

With all this talk about China’s National Sword program and the implications for recycling in Australia, we at Wasteless Pantry (your local zero waste lifestyle store) thought it would be a good time to have a chat about waste.

Recycling is a tool to help divert resources from landfill but it is not the best answer.  So recycle, but only those materials that you couldn’t avoid buying in the first place, couldn’t minimise the need for, couldn’t reuse or repair.

Never let perfection stop you from starting, any little improvement you make is still worth making.

Try out replacing a disposable with a reusable one from our zero waste lifestyle store (in Western Australia and online), rethink your purchases to minimise waste and learn what you can about how to lessen your impact whilst still enjoying life.

Waste Less, Live More

  • Use reusable coffee cups – bring your own or sit in
  • Take along a reusable water bottle
  • Remember your reusable shopping bags
  • Try out bringing your own containers when buying a variety of groceries
  • Avoid and minimise packaging if you don’t have access to bulk food stores
  • Know exactly what you can and can’t recycle in your area

Thanks to Precision Focus for bringing our ideas to life and the aerial photography you included!

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  1. You are making such an important contribution to our world. Thank you Amanda and Jeannie for all your hard work, sacrifice and passion x

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