Zero Waste Easter Tips

Easter eggs package free

Holiday celebrations like Easter can be filled with excess. Too much packaging, too much food, and novelty items that don’t last long before ending up in a bin.

Celebrating can be done waste-free with minimal effort!

Foil packaging, cardboard boxes, and plastic Easter egg packaging all look pretty. However, they waste valuable resources, often end up in landfill, or contaminate our recycling. And that is not pretty at all.

Instead opt for package-free Easter Eggs, like the ones we have at Wasteless Pantry. As an added bonus they are locally sourced, palm-oil free, and absolutely delicious!

You can easily make your own ‘packaging’ with repurposed glass jars, felt egg gift bags, cloth bunny bags, or even decorated paper bags. There are so many ideas to give it a try.

When thinking about entertaining this Easter, buy your food package free and plan your portion sizes to minimize food waste. Think about how ‘leftover friendly’ your meals are to really get the most out of your food budget this Easter.

Often the best parts of celebrations are the traditions. This is a great year to make hot cross buns together! It takes just a little while, especially if you pick up a bag of hot cross bun mix from your local Wasteless Pantry. Just enough time to have a chat before you pull them out of the oven warm and mouth-watering to enjoy together over a cup of tea.

Need recipe inspiration? Check out these, with something to suit everyone!