Medication Blister Pack Recycling

Did you know that we are a collection point for Blister Pack Recycling?

Blister packs are a type of packaging made from a combination of plastic and aluminum, making them tricky to recycle; however, with a little effort they can be recycled through specialist recycling programs and given a new life.

Blister pack recycling helps to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill by ensuring that the plastic is recycled into new products. This helps to reduce the amount of plastic that pollutes the environment and can be harmful to animals and ecosystems. Additionally, recycling helps to conserve resources and reduce the amount of energy needed to produce new products from raw materials. Finally, recycling blister packs can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as producing new products from recycled materials requires fewer resources and produces fewer pollutants.

You can recycle any brand of empty medicinal blister packs but do not bring in blister packs containing medicine. Unused medication can be taken to your local Pharmacy for correct disposal. Outer cardboard packaging can be recycled in your kerbside recycling bin.

Once collected, the material packaging is broken down and separated. Plastics are cleaned and recycled into new products, while the metal is smelted and converted to new alloys.

This service is free to our loyal members and for a gold coin donation to the general community. Available at Mundaring and coming soon to Bassendean!

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We’re passionate about providing sustainable solutions to help reduce waste, so why not join us in making a difference and recycling your empty medicinal blister packs today?