Meet the Team: Amanda from Mundaring

My name is Amanda and I mainly work at Wasteless Pantry Mundaring, although I roam around to all 3 stores.

Can you believe I’ve been working on Wasteless Pantry with Jeannie for 6 years now!

I play netball and love working in my edible garden. I’m pretty keen on technology but still love getting outdoors as much as we can for BBQs, hikes and camping. I also play the flute and am trying to teach myself the piano.

It’s really hard to pin down a favourite WP product, but I think it would have to be the produce bags. Such a simple change to make but it always makes me feel good to whip them out when I go shopping.

My favourite snack at work is the licorice pieces, hits the spot everytime!

My waste free tip is to change one thing until it becomes a habit before you try doing more. If you look in your bin and just pick one easy thing to avoid next time, you’ll bank so many small wins that it will be a fun journey. I think the thing people forget is that reducing your waste isn’t about denying yourself enjoyment in life, it is just doing things a little differently. Different can be fun too!