Meet the Team: Evie at Bassendean

Hello, I’m Evie and I’ve been working at the Wasteless Pantry in Bassendean for about 1 ½ years. I was very excited to join the team after shopping here for a long time.⠀

I am very interested in sustainability and spend most of my time in my garden, growing fruit and veggies, flowers, native plants and anything else exciting I can lay my hands on. I have ducks, chickens and quails which are very entertaining to watch and great for eggs. I also have two beehives. I bake sourdough bread, cakes, make preserves, ferments, pickles and cheese. I am also currently studying Environmental Science and Sustainability.⠀

My favourite product that we sell is reusable baking sheets. I love that I no longer need to use disposable baking paper when I am making my bread and cakes. I find them really easy to use and wash. My favourite food we sell is definitely peanut butter. I absolutely love it with honey on sourdough bread.⠀

I feel like a lot of waste is produced while storing food, especially left-over food. A great tip I learnt was to cover bowls of food with a plate before placing them in the fridge. There are other alternatives these days such as reusable wraps but I find covering food with bowls or plates to be the simplest and easy to clean. I feel that if we all make small, individual changes, collectively we can greatly reduce plastic waste.