Meet the Team: Feiyah

Meet the newest member of the Wasteless Pantry team, Feiyah 🌈

Kaya, my name is Feiyah (she/they)!

I’m a Hills local and I’ve been working mostly at the Mundaring store since May, however, I’ve been popping up more recently at Bassendean, too.

One of the main reasons I joined the team was to enjoy a wholesome work environment that brings together my passions for slow, sustainable living with the beautiful smells, textures, and flavours of the shop!

When I’m not refilling legumes and spices, I’m pottering about my bush abode crafting with yarn, sourdough, ferments, compost, medicinal herbs, veggies, weaving, and earth remedies. I come from a lineage of healers and herbalists, and am forever a student of these ancient-rooted teachers, especially when it comes to supporting bodies through healthy menstruation, pregnancy, and postpartum. I’m devoted to the primal, animate wisdom of our bodies and I work with somatic, earth-based practices to support people through rites of passage.

Some of my favourite products in the store (because I can’t choose just one!) are the shea butter, cacao butter and vitamin E oil. I’ve been making herbal tinctures, balms, oils, body butters, scrubs, deodorants, lip balms and more, for my household and loved ones. There’s just nothing quite like the immersive process of creating healing tonics infused with medicinal properties, with your own loving hands, that benefit your body and the body of the earth.

So if you ever see me in one of the stores, go ahead and share your crafty passions with me, or ask me questions about creating your own remedies. I absolutely love having yarns about these things!


My ultimate tip for reducing waste is to start experimenting with making your own. What are things you LOVE, that with time and presence, you could be whipping out of your own kitchen/garden/craft basket?

Start off with just one idea, give it just one afternoon, and see how it nourishes and enlivens you in return. 😌