Wasteless Pantry Mundaring News: 23rd Nov 2018

Did you know that we were finalists in this years WA Waste Authority Infinity Awards? 

Drum roll, please…

Highly Commended Waste Team of the Year!

We were very happy with this result and were absolutely thrilled for all the other finalists, commended and winners that we got to meet on the night!  So many great people doing great things to avoid, reduce and recover waste in WA right now.

What’s been happening at the store:

  • If you haven’t been in lately, it is worth ducking your head through the door to check out the little revamp we had.  Although the layout is much the same, we’ve made thoroughfare areas just a little roomer where we can and made the whole place a bit brighter. Plus the specialist recycling station was upgraded to make it more user-friendly.
  • Our new beauty counter is all set up for you to start your DIY face & body treat making too!  We now have beeswax beads and activated charcoal to add to the shea butter, clay, essential oils and other base ingredients we have been stocking for a while now.
  • We’re not putting up the Christmas decorations just yet, but we are starting to make preparations.  Below are articles from the archives about being festive without the waste hangover that might be helpful, and we have gift jars ready to go if you have an event coming up that you want something quick and delightful to give.

Win the War on Waste This Christmas

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Zero Waste Christmas Cake

Practical Gift Giving Guide

The 12 Wasteless Days of Christmas

  • We have Vegan Dark Chocolate!!!! Belinda says that it “is like being slapped in the face with chocolate” which I think is a good thing 🙂
  • Cacao butter is back! And we have a Gluten Free Cereal that doubles as a Gluten Free Porridge, Teff and Black Sesame Seeds.
  • Some more fantastic news? Onya is working toward creating a circular economy within their business and are now partnering with TerraCycle. So if for some reason your Onya products are no longer functioning as well as they should (which is a VERY rare occurrence) then we are able to return them to Onya to be recycled responsibly. How brilliant is that!
  • If you have any Boomerang Bags stashed at your place, please pop them back in the box at our store or Hills Fresh to keep them circulating where they are needed most.

Coming soon:

  • Scoopable deodorant!! We’ve been trialling this at the new Bassendean store and it has been hugely popular so now we are bringing it to Mundaring.  Plus there is a bicarb free one in the works for those with sensitive skin too!
  • Sealpod has just released a reusable coffee pod for Dolce Gusto machines which we will be stocking shortly.
  • We also have locally made, palm oil free scoopable vegan lip balm as well as facial, shaving, dog & stain remover soaps coming too!

Waste Less, Live More

Amanda & Jeannie