Gluten-Free Banana Bread Recipe

Dive into the world of baking with this gluten-free banana bread recipe that’s as nutritious as it is delicious. Combining banana bread mix with eggs or a flax meal alternative, vegetable oil, and ripe bananas, this recipe promises a moist, flavorful loaf every time.

Let’s explore this gluten-free banana bread recipe further. To understand how it contributes to a health-conscious lifestyle, consider the advantages of using specific ingredients. Gluten-free banana bread mix offers an inclusive option for those with gluten sensitivities. This ensures everyone can enjoy this home-baked delight without worry. By choosing to incorporate flax meal this adds an extra fiber boost. The use of vegetable oil ensures the bread remains moist and tender. Additionally, the natural sweetness of ripe bananas reduces the need for added sugars, making it a healthier choice.

Baking this banana bread not only fills your kitchen with a warm, inviting aroma but also supports sustainable eating habits by encouraging the use of whole, unprocessed ingredients. Pairing it with a light glaze of melted apricot jam adds a subtle sweetness and a glossy finish, making it irresistible. This recipe is a testament to how simple, mindful ingredient choices can lead to delicious, healthful outcomes, perfect for sharing with loved ones.


500g Banana Bread Mix from Wasteless Pantry

4 eggs (or 4 Tbsp flax meal in 6 Tbsp of water)

150g vegetable oil

500g banana pulp

Mix banana bread mix, oil, and egg until well combined. Add banana pulp and mix for a further minute. Bake at 160C in a greased pan for 25 to 40 minutes until baked through. If desired, lightly glaze the top with melted apricot jam.

Happy baking!

Easy Homemade Tortilla Recipe for a Flavorful Taco Night

Using this homemade tortilla recipe to create delicious tortillas from scratch is a game-changer for any meal. This effortless recipe only requires flour, salt, water, and oil, blending these ingredients into a dough that forms the base of your culinary canvas. The beauty of homemade tortillas lies in their versatility—roll them out for bite-sized delights or larger canvases for your favorite fillings. After a quick chill, they’re ready to be rolled thin and cooked to perfection. Whether wrapped around savory ingredients or sweet concoctions, these tortillas add a homemade touch of love to your dishes, making every bite a memorable one.


150g flour

A pinch of salt

100ml cold water

1 Tbsp oil

Instructions for Homemade Tortilla Recipe:

Mix flour, salt, cold water, and oil in a bowl to form a dough.

Divide the dough into 24 balls for bite-sized tortillas or fewer balls for larger ones. Refrigerate the dough balls for 10 minutes to make them easier to roll out.

Roll each ball out thin on a lightly floured surface.

Fry each tortilla in a hot pan for about 1 minute on each side, or until lightly golden and cooked through.

Enjoy your freshly made tortillas with your favorite fillings, from savory meats and cheeses to sweet treats. Homemade tortillas bring a touch of authenticity and love to every bite!

Making tortillas at home not only reduces packaging waste but also complements sustainable eating, especially when paired with the Vegan Taco Meal Jar from Wasteless Pantry. This combination promotes minimal waste and supports a healthy, eco-conscious lifestyle.

DIY Jamsetta Recipe: Perfect Your Homemade Jams

In the world of home cooking, creating your own jam holds a special place. It’s not just about the delightful flavors but also the joy of crafting something truly yours. Enter the magic of making your own DIY Jamsetta Recipe —a crucial mix that transforms your fruit concoctions into luscious jams with the perfect set and tang.

The key to a great homemade jam lies not just in the fruit but in the setting. That’s where your DIY Jamsetta comes into play. Combining caster sugar for sweetness, pectin for the perfect gel-like consistency, and citric acid for a tangy kick and setting aid, this mix ensures your jam has just the right texture and a balanced taste.

To make your DIY Jamsetta Recipe, simply whisk together 30g of caster sugar, 15g of pectin, and 10g of citric acid that you bought package-free from Wasteless Pantry. This blend is your secret weapon in jam-making. When you start cooking down your chosen fruit, adding your homemade Jamsetta will elevate the mixture from a simmering fruit compote to a splendid jam ready to grace any toast, scone, or dessert.

One of the beauties of making your own Jamsetta is the customization it allows. Depending on the fruit you’re using or your taste preferences, you can adjust the ratios slightly. Some fruits may require more pectin for setting, while others might benefit from a bit more citric acid for that zesty flavor profile.

This DIY approach not only gives you control over what goes into your jams—free from preservatives and unnecessary additives—but also deepens the connection between you and the food you consume and share. Whether you’re a seasoned jam-maker or a curious newbie, creating your own Jamsetta mix is a small step toward more mindful and sustainable cooking practices. Happy jamming!