Bruschetta Spaghetti with Unpackaged Foods

Cooking this Bruschetta Spaghetti with unpackaged food is easy when you shop at Wasteless Pantry, the best waste-free shop. Just refill your containers in-store or order raw bulk foods online from us. This way you get only what you want to use and everything stays fresh. Also, you avoid single-use plastic pollution thereby reducing single-use plastic effects on the environment. When you source bulk foods this way you have all the control over your impact!

Grab just what you need from these unpackaged food ingredients at WP:

– 1tbsp balsamic vinegar

– ¼cup olive oil

– ½tsp chilli flakes

– 1tsp salt

-¼tsp garlic granules

– 340g of spaghetti (you can use gf as well)


– 680g tomatoes (any type)

– 1cup basil leaves finely chopped


1. In a large mixing bowl add tomatoes, vinegar, oil, garlic, chilli, salt & half the basil. Let sit for up to an hour at room temp or longer in the fridge, for the tomatoes to absorb the mixture.

2. Bring a large pot of salted water to boiling & cook the spaghetti until ready.

3. Add spaghetti to the bowl & mix well.

4. Serve immediately with added leftover basil & voilà!

Remember to make a plan for your leftovers (if you have any) so that nothing goes to waste. So enjoy as tomorrow’s lunch, invite someone else to eat with you, or halve the recipe so it all gets used!

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