Meet bulk food store Perth owner Jeannie

Meet the famous Jeannie 🏑

Hi I’m Jeannie, I’ve been working at Wasteless Pantry with Amanda for 7 years, over 8 if you count the time we spent planning & developing the business. Before WP I was a Paramedic, although my three kids grew up with WP & I don’t think they remember me as anything else😆 I’m grateful to work with such an awesome team at the bulk food store Perth, we all laugh & work hard together, which makes the day fly by.

I love playing & coaching hockey, running in the bush & visiting the beach. My beautiful native garden is designed to be a habitat, and I grow some veggies & lots of herbs. I love cooking & eating equally, so I’m spoilt with access to all the yummy ingredients at WP.

Favourite zero waste swap from Wasteless Pantry bulk food store Perth?

My original favourite product at WP is the Onya produce bags – I’ve had mine since before WP. When I shop for fresh produce I use them in place of plastic, once I get home the produce gets dunked in a bucket of water to wash, then sits on the dish rack drying, while still in the bag & the water goes to the garden. They double as a wash bag for delicates as well! A Perth-owned company makes them from recycled plastic, by a Perth-owned company. I also love our cleaners from Envirocare. Made in Perth & safe for grey water systems, they eliminate the need for single-use plastic! Oh & the shampoo & conditioner bars… I have too many favourites! you’ll have to come in so I can show you them all 😁

My top tips for cutting down waste

Identify what part of your household generates the most waste & start there. For most families, it’s the kitchen, laundry & bathroom. Start with one or two items at a time before moving on to the next.

Find an outlet for your food waste & keep it out of your landfill bin – organic waste is a precious resource. I’m lucky to have the space for chickens, but a compost, Bokashi bucket, worm farm or even someone else’s chickens will do, & if you are lucky enough to have a FOGO bin, give your local council a big clap!

Be kind to yourself and celebrate your progress! None of us are perfect, & you are fabulous for making this a priority in life!