Homemade Package Free Dog Treats


You’ve made the move to low-waste living and so should your pet! Zero waste dog care needs just a few tweaks such as switching to eco-friendly package-free dog food. By refilling your container you are minimizing single-use plastic packaging waste. Also, by choosing locally made, you are supporting local businesses and minimizing food miles. Or make your own plastic-free dog food treats using the recipe below. Or using a natural fibre brush instead of plastic. This stops microplastics from ending up in our environment and bodies. Or using an Ensopet system to compost pet waste at home. Keeps the yard clean and adds nutrients back into your soil. And all of this is on offer at Wasteless Pantry!

Show your dog some love with these homemade low-waste dog food treats 🐾

Ingredients from WP:

– 50g Oats – 140g Wholemeal spelt flour – 140g Peanut butter

Ingredients from elsewhere: – 1 Medium mashed banana – 1 Egg


1. Preheat oven to 180°C.

2. Add ingredients to a mixer until combined, adding a little more flour & mix again if still overly sticky & wet.

3. Roll in between two pieces of baking liner till approx. 5mm thick, then cut into shapes with a cookie cutter or into squares with a knife. Position on a lined tray.

4. Bake in the oven for 20min. Turn the oven off, flip the biscuits & place them back in the switched-off oven for an hour, letting them dry out further.

Your dog will be sure to love this eco-friendly natural dog food treat recipe! Congratulations on making your own sustainable dog food!