Vegan and Gluten Free Oatmeal Cups

These gluten-friendly and vegan-friendly oatmeal cups are easy to make with bulk foods from Wasteless Pantry, retailer of bulk wholefoods online and in-store in Perth, Australia. The benefit of buying bulk foods is that you can get just the amount you need for this recipe. Also, you are able to source wholefoods without plastic or single use packaging as you are able to refill your own containers or join our container exchange program. This means that you are helping the environment every time you shop

Oatmeal Cups Ingredients:

– 1cup Almond milk (or use our coconut milk powder for waste-free)

– ½ cup mashed banana

– ¼cup canola oil

– ¼cup maple syrup

– 1 egg (or 1 tsp flaxseed meal and 1 Tbsp water)

– ½tsp vanilla extract

– 1½ cup rolled oats (wheat free)

– 1cup GF plain flour

– 1tsp cinnamon

– ¼tsp salt

– 12 halved pecans


1. Firstly line a muffin tray & preheat the oven to 170°C

2. Then, mix wet ingredients in a bowl

3. Next, add in the dry ingredients & stir to combine

4. Following on, divide batter into a prepared muffin tray, filling about halfway, then add a halved pecan to the top of each batter. The batter should make up 12 muffins

5. After that, bake for 20-22min or until the center is cooked through and the edges of the muffins are slightly golden. Following this allow to cool slightly before serving

6. These can be served as they are or can be topped with peanut butter, or maple syrup

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