Waste Free Tips

Ideas to get you started on your Wasteless journey toward a Zero Waste Lifestyle:

Many of the ideas that follow are old hand for a generation or two ago, before we jumped on the path to disposable living.  Had we of realised the devastation then maybe we could have chosen sustainably convenient over wasteful in the lifestyle choices we made.  Leading a Zero Waste Lifestyle is about living simply, choosing waste free options and getting back to basics like:

Produce bags instead of disposable plastic bags to go waste free

Bring your own containers to refill for meat, deli and bulk foods – we have a video of how to do this

Use leaf tea and bulk bought ground coffee

Stock up on your reusable containers 

Reduce the clutter so that you know what you need

Find alternatives that reduce waste

Attend local community events to develop your sustainability skills

Get clear on your sustainable food priorities


Click here for Zero Waste Videos


Websites full of inspiring ideas and stories:









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